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Fall/Winter, 2005 ARCHIVES


       Winter/Spring '05 Summer/Fall '05
Imagine Conf in Deerfield March 25th (pdf)

Historic International Peace Conference, London, December 10

Complete Coverage

Cindy Sheehan
photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

CAN Meets Students and Activists
in London

Alys Elica Zaerin (School Students Against the War convenor) with Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Campus Antiwar Network, at reception for US delegates.

Video & photos of student meeting.

Students Pav Akhtar, Suzie Wylie (both of the UK's National Union of Students), Elizabeth Wrigley-Field (Campus Antiwar Network) and Peter Leary NUS). The British students are active in the Stop the War Coalition. photo © 2005 Charles Jenks.

See Photos and Listen to panel on Building an International Movement with George Galloway

"Today, London has declared peace on the world."

George Galloway photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

See Photos and Hear Military Families Section: Cindy Sheehan, Rose Gentle, Kelly Dougherty, Medea Benjamin and others

Day Two Strategy Meeting

Click photo to see full size © 2005 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved.

Participants represented many international organizations at a post-conference meeting on international peacemaking. Stop the War Coalition (UK) convened the conference; also from the UK were Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and National Union of Students. US groups included United for Peace and Justice, Campus Antiwar Network, Veterans for Peace, AfterDowningStreet, US Labor Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, International Socialist Review and Traprock Peace Center.

Scott Ritter Speaks Out

Photos, Audio and Transcript of this powerful talk. Radio stations are playing it - you can hear it on line and read transcript.

110 heard Scott Ritter on November 17th in Amherst at this Traprock sponsored event. © 2005 Charles Jenks

The talk may be replayed on radio with email notice. It may be downloaded for private use. Audio copyright 2005 Traprock Peace Center; all rights reserved.

Shocking video shows US use of
chemical weapons at Fallujah
Least We Forget

Glen Rangwala de-constructed bogus claims in Powell's 2/5/03 UN speech
See also Glen Rangwala's definitive 3/18/03 "Claims and Evaluations of Iraq's Proscribed Weapons"

Carlos Arredondo talks with Sunny Miller about his son, Lcpl. Alexander Arredondo, USMC KIA in Najaf, Iraq on 8/25/04. With Gold Star Families for Peace, he stresses that young people need to bring their families if they ever meet a recruiter. His answers are mostly in Spanish. Listen to Interview (mp3 - 10:07 min; 64 kbps mono; 4.7 mb)

Hear George Galloway's Rousing
Finale to US/Canadian Tour

See entire tour coverage with photo albums and audio from Boston and Chicago

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"School Ownership is the Goal" - Army School Recruiting Program Handbook
(pdf) (doc)

Counter-Recruitment by CAN

Dec 15 - CAN organizers and other antiwar activists interviewed by Democracy Now on Pentagon spying on civilians

Initial Reports from CAN Chapters
Dec 6th - National Day of Counter-Recruitment

Defend Free Speech at U Wisconsin Madison

Dec 6th protest by WMass students

Counter-Recruitment Day Sweeps U.S. Colleges

Endorsed by Cindy Sheehan, Howard Zinn, Camilo Mejia, Pablo Paredes, Dahr Jamail, Tim Carpenter, Randy Kehler, Berkeley City Council and many other national and international activists and organizations.

CAN Natl Conference Photos - Audio

CAN photo-history Can website

Army Handbook for Recruiters (pdf) (doc)
"School Ownership is the goal." Sec. 1-1.b.

Update on Campus Free Speech

Hampton Students Not Expelled

Students not expelled at "Kangaroo Court" held at Hampton - 20 hours 'community' service imposed.

650 sign petition

Hampton University is an historically black university in Virgina. Pictured above are Hampton U. student activists who have been disciplined for peaceful protest.

Active Ingredients by Ed Russell

Norm Chomsky - Oct 11, 2005
"Washington's Messianic Mission"
59:45; 64 kbps mono; 27.3 meg
Q & A session
Delivering the Eighth Annual Eqbal Ahmad Lecture at Hampshire College.

Dahr Jamail - Oct 26, 2005
Michael Tigar Audio
"The Enemy Combatant Doctrine and the Scope of Executive Power"

Taking a Stand on Wal-Mart

See the Videos and photos at Hadley Rally

Hundreds rallied against Wal-Mart expansion to a town busting 'Super Center' in Hadley. Here Wal-Mart buster Al Norman, and speakers from Planned Parenthood and the Teamsters.

Kent State Students Prevail
Kent State cancels disciplinary hearing against David Airhart

See photos and hear entire Kent State student news conference.

© 2005 Eric Ruder

See letters of support and transcript of David Airhart's Nov 5 speech in Chicago

Support Harold Washington Students
More campus repression

Kent State: "Hands Off Dave!"

See letters of Support
1000+ signed petition

Hear his Nov 5 talk - mp3 audio

or read transcript NEW

David Airhart, veteran and Kent State student, speaking in Chicago on November 5th, describes murder and routine shooting of civilians in Iraq and prisoner abuse at Guantanamo

©2005 Charles Jenks

Dave Airhart, student and Marine veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, unfurling "Kent Ohio 4 Peace" banner on top of climbing rock wall erected by military recruiters at Kent State.

© 2005

"Not only should Mr. Airhart not be fined,
suspended or expelled for his heroic act, but he should be given some kind of commendation from the college administration." Cindy Sheehan

Kent State Antiwar Coalition students. Click photo or here for large version.
© 2005 Charles Jenks

Dave Airhart in Combat

Photo courtesy of David Airhart

Defend David Airhart and free speech at Kent State University. David is a member of the Kent State Antiwar Coalition, a chapter of the Campus Antiwar Network.

Antiwar Activists gather in Chicago at Nov 5, 2005 Midwest Socialism Conference

Photos and Audio

© 2005 Charles Jenks

Juan Torres speaking on the killing of his son, Juan Torres, Jr., while in the army in Afghanistan.

See photos and hear audio of Lance Selfa, Sherry Wolf, David Airhart and Alan Maass.

Photo-Album - Day 1
Campus Antiwar Network Conference, Oct 22-23, 2005 at Berkeley drew over 650 people.

Dennis and John moderating discussion
during CAN session. photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

Minutes of CAN national conference - Oct 22-23, Berkeley

Student antiwar activists chart way forward
Michael Smith

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field (CAN) and Aimee Allison bring delegates to their feet at CAN Conference.

photo © 2005 Charles Jenks
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field was elected to CAN's national Coordinating Committee. Hear her talk on the counter-recruitment and ending this war and occupation. MP3 - 11:51 min; 5.5 mb; 64 kbps mono. She was introduced by Charles Peterson, Holyoke Community College.

Our generation won't go workshop
Hear CAN students & veterans speak out
mp3 1:06:30; 22.9 mb; 48 kbps mono

photo © 2005 Charles Jenks
Aimee Allison is a veteran, a conscientious objector and a leader in the counter-recruitment movement. We will post her entire talk along with talks by other conference speakers. In the meantime, watch a Quicktime video clip of her terrific talk.2:55 min; 5.1 mb.

See also Michael Smith report on the conference: Student antiwar activists chart way forward

Photo-Album and more audio coming.

Organzing to Change the World
9/26/05 Photos - Day of Civil Disobedience

Photos by Lousiana's Meredyth Friend

Louisiana activists Avery and Meredyth Friend
©2005 Meredyth Friend

198 Photos of 9/24/05 DC March
2000 joined "College Not Combat - Relief Not War" contingent, called by Campus Antiwar Network. 500 marched in the San Francisco contingent.

San Francisco 9/24/05 Photo-Album.

San Francisco's student contingent.
© 2005 Campus Antiwar Network

Charles Peterson, CAN student activist, after being maced by campus police during non-violent counter-recruitment protest at HCC.

After being attacked by police, activist was banned from campus with no due process. He is now back on campus. (Read updates).

More photos.

Counter-Recruitment at GWHS with CAN

CAN Counter-Recruitment pamphlets by Bill Linville and Paul Pryse (doc) (pdf)
College Not Combat
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field

Bring Them Home Now Tour
Hear North Bus News Conference
Sept 15, Amherst, MA

Desecration of KIA Memorial At "Camp Casey"
Ward Reilly

© 2005 Charles Jenks

September 24

Peace Train to DC Louisiana Activist Network

Counter- Recruitment

D.C. - San Farncisco

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Uranium Weapons
Nuclear Power - Weapons

Hear Ernest Sternglass Dec 10th talk on nuke radiation health effects ( 50:54 minutes 23.3 meg, 64 kbps mono, with musical introduction)

photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

Ray Shadis talk
(53:59 minutes)

MP3 audio (64 kbps mono) may be played on radio with email notice to Traprock. Links encouraged. Download for private use only.

Active Ingredients media by Ed Russell recorded and edited Sternglass and Shadis talks.

Vernon 7 Arrested at Entergy Nuclear

Nov 7 Photojournal

Women arrested as walked toward Entergy's office in effort to meet with company officials on reactor safety concerns.

Tooth Fairy Project

Vernon Reactor AP photo

German Film Exposes
Uranium Weapons in Iraq

Dr. Siegwart-Horst Günther examining cancer victims at hospital in Basra, Iraq.
photo © 2004 Telepool

Contact us to co-sponsor a public showing in your area or purchase online (for private, home use only).

Flyer with Action Steps

Abolish 'Depleted' Uranium Weapons

See Photo-Album of 9/24 National Exhibit on DU

Sunny Miller and activists explained DU's harm to hundreds on 9/24.
© 2005 Charles Jenks

'Depleted' Uranium

Award Winning DU Film

World Uranium Weapons Conference

Also, Melissa Sterry, Gulf War vet

"When our government starts saying "Screw you, we aren't going to take care of you," we have a broken contract."

Hear and download talk

The Trojan Horses of Nuclear War
free download here

Download World Uranium Weapons
Conference reader and
hear presentations.

July 27, 2005
Groups Assessing Stontium 90 levels around Vernon, VT reactor
Preliminary results show higher
levels nearer to reactor
Brattleboro Reformer
Greenfield Recorder
Valley Advocate

NRC 'clarifies' failure - VY still shut down
Union of Concerned Scientists
looks behind the 'nukespeak'

On the Occasion of Winston's Ordination by Buddy Spell (an organizer with Peace Train to DC on September, 24th.

Marc Herold

Marketing of
US Wars

(doc - 2 mb file)

American, Afghanistan and Iraq Children's Memorial (doc)

Website's computer stolen - see story and funding appeal.

An urgent message
on radioactive munitions
from Doug Rokke
and Damacio Lopez.

Tell DOD to obey the law!

CT DU Bill Now Law

DOT ends DU exemption for DOD
press release (doc)
Traprock Special Report

Will US Military Apply its own regs on DU?
Will it comply with environmental and health care mandates?

If you've come this far down the page, you may note that we're reorganizing and archiving this page. This column will become a nuclear and uranium weapons disarmament section with links to our many main pages on these topics. You will also find news and resources on nuclear reactors, associated health risks, and plans to store high level nuclear waste on site at the Vernon, VT reactor.
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Writers and Documents
See Blogs for newer articles

August 19
on joint DC
rally and march

Unity on What Basis?

Students Call for United Protest on Sept 24

Grassroots wants
a single march

For a Mass, Non-Exclusionary Antiwar Movement

Emergency Ad Hoc Committee call for united demonstration

The Case of Kevin Benderman
Camilo Mejia
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
New Battleground on Campuses (pdf)

Norman Solomon

In Praise of
Kevin Benderman

Wagging the Puppy
and unleashing the ugly dogs of war

Solomon's Unspinning of War David Swanson

Interview with Adrian Zupp - War Made Easy
(rtf version) (pdf)

Glen Rangwala

War Without End

©2004 Charlie Jenks

More by Rangwala

David Keppel

"We believe that it is dishonorable to send someone to die or to kill on behalf of a lie."



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