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Kent State Antiwar Coalition
News Conference on its Victory over Campus Repression
November 16, 2005

Photos © 2005 Eric Ruder; all rights reserved.

November 16, 2005, Kent State University, Ohio: The Kent State Antiwar Committee (KSAWC) announced its victory over campus repression at a news conference at Kent State. The university had been taking David Airhart, a student and veteran of Guantanamo Bay and the Iraq War, to a disciplinary hearing for his having unfurled a peace banner at the top of a rock climbing wall erected on campus by military recruiters on October 29, 2005. At 5:30 PM on November 15th, Airhart learned from his lawyer that the university was cancelling the hearing set for the 16th. (Charges will be expunged from his record, according to the university, after a mediation meeting.)

Nicole Robinson of KSAWC, a chapter of the Campus Antiwar Network, moderated the news conference. Giving prepared remarks were students Amanda John, David Airhart, David Pittman, and Nicole Robinson. Questions followed. Media covering the news conference included ITN television (UK), the Cleveland Plain Dealer, NPR, through its local affiliate, and Channel 2 TV in Kent. Other national and mass media, including network television, have called for interviews or information.

After the news conference, students gathered for a brief outdoor rally on this cold, blustery afternoon. Students read public statements of support that had been provided by antiwar activists, veterans, professors, writer, students and organizations. Further, over 950 people signed an online petition in support of David Airhart, and hundreds of more signed petitions gathered by students with the Campus Antiwar Network on camupses coast to coast. Speakers noted the national call by the Campus Antiwar Network for counter-recruitment actions on December 6th. All of the public statements of support, along with the transcript of David Airhart's previous talk in Chicago on November 5, 2005, KSAWC's October 29th report, and several media reports are found at

After the rally, Nicole Robinson led a tour of the memorials to students slain by National Guard soldiers on May 4, 1970.

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