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I have journeyed here today from England to offer a hand across the water. A hand of friendship and support to form a bond of unity with America, like ours a proud nation.

For as well as great pride in our countries we have deep concern over the conduct of our country’s leaders. Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W. Bush have both acted dishonorably and brought the integrity of our proud nations into disrepute. Taking us to war on a falsehood.
They have both knowingly mislead Parliament and Congress, our people, and worst of all our brave troops who have put their lives at risk, many returning home in coffins, the result of this unnecessary war with Iraq. We have been thrown into conflicts on the basis of fabricated intelligence reports and deceit over Iraq’s WMD capability.

Our brave troops have had their oath of allegiance betrayed and their patriotism exploited.

I ask you today to hold your President to account as organizations are doing so in Britain with our Prime Minister. These leaders cannot walk through such a catastrophic political blunder with impunity. The Downing Street Minutes is an explosive dossier of deceit by both parties. The leaked classified memo in the Sunday Times May 1, 2005 confirms that the American President was committed to war as early as June, 2002 as stated in his meeting with the Prime Minister, despite contrary claims to Westminster and Congress. Other manipulative intelligence data to justify the war is as follows

I quote:

Dick Cheney – “The regime possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons, we also believe nuclear weapons.”

September 24, 2002, Tony Blair – “Evidence gathered over four years was extensive, detailed, and authoritative. Weapons could be deployed against British interests within 45 minutes. The program being active, detailed, and growing, up and running now.”

Mr. Blair, nothing could have been further from the truth!

September 12, 2002, Sir Richard Dearlove, Chief of MI6 Intelligence – “The intelligence source was untried, untested, and mostly based on an Iraqi opposite group intent to topple Saddam. Other reports were based on ‘hearsay’.”

June, 2003, Prime Minister Tony Blair – “ An illegal war would not be undertaken.

Yet British and American forces were already massing in the Gulf.

February, 2003, Prime Minister Tony Blair – “Saddam Hussein could stay in power if he agreed to hand over his weapons of mass destruction.”

How could he hand these weapons over? He hadn’t got them and was willing to comply with weapons’ inspectors.

Our Foreign Secretary Robin Cook and MP Claire Short have already resigned over these issues. Weapons inspectors Hans Blix and David Kay, also CIA Director George Tenet, have also left their posts over the Iraq controversy.

If weapons of mass destruction had been found, I would have grieved for my soldier son, cruelly beaten and slain at the hands of an Iraqi mob and not have travelled here today. But they have not been found. They never existed!

If the conflict had been backed by international law, again I would have grieved and not traveled, but it was not backed by international law or the UN!

The resounding clear remit for this war was WMD, not for regime change or to impose democracy.

Look at the history books, Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair, democracy cannot be imposed with the bomb and the bullet, on a historical land, fiercely tribal since Biblical times. Hence the continuing carnage, ninety Iraqi deaths in the last six weeks. Donald Rumsfeld has agreed Iraq is now as dangerous as at any time during the war. We now have Iraq sparring into civil war with Iraqi killing Iraqi.

Where then, Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, will you try to impose your democracy next? Syria? Iran? North Korea? Cuba? Burma? Zimbabwe? The list goes on and on. How many more wars do you intend for our nations to fight in.

Remember, Mr. Bush, though you tried to paint a different picture, Iraq had no links with 9/11, no links with Al Quaeda, and no links with WMD. If a bereaved mother came to you, Mr. President, and asked why war with Iraq, how could you give an honest answer? You simply could not.
Rightly so, we condemn the mass graves of Saddam’s victims. But Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair, what about the mass graves you have created? Over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians, 1,700 American troops, and 88 British soldiers who will no longer feel the summer sun on their young faces, not to mention the countless wounded.

Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush, you have both achieved a mass killing rate which would be the envy of Saddam. I search my heart and soul daily to find some justification for my dear Tom’s death, a beautiful 20-year-old soldier son. I would dearly love to say, Iraq is a better place for his death. But if I am brutally honest with myself and face hard, cold facts, I cannot truthfully say Iraq is a better place. I now see Iraq totally destabilized, a fermenting ground, breeding terrorism, its borders wide open to all terrorists, as it spirals into civil war struggling with a power vacuum.

This is a war of option, not necessity, occupation being the problem, not the solution.

But lessons can be learned. Let us now do the right thing. Bring our brave troops home safely to their loving families with honor and dignity. Their duty now done. For they are the victims of deceit. They were told they were going to defend their homeland. This clearly was not and is not the case.

If we are going to deploy our troops into conflict, they have to march forward armed with one essential piece of equipment – THE TRUTH.

I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of Britain for the bold stance by Congressmen and women for their actions today in exploring the feasibility of the impeachment of President George W. Bush over his conduct.

Thank you, America.

Reg Keys is a founder of Military Families in the UK.

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