November 5, 2007: This website is an archive of the former website,, which was created 10 years ago by Charles Jenks. It became one of the most populace sites in the US, and an important resource on the antiwar movement, student activism, 'depleted' uranium and other topics. Jenks authored virtually all of its web pages and multimedia content (photographs, audio, video, and pdf files. As the author and registered owner of that site, his purpose here is to preserve an important slice of the history of the grassroots peace movement in the US over the past decade. He is maintaining this historical archive as a service to the greater peace movement, and to the many friends of Traprock Peace Center. Blogs have been consolidated and the calendar has been archived for security reasons; all other links remain the same, and virtually all blog content remains intact.

THIS SITE NO LONGER REFLECTS THE CURRENT AND ONGOING WORK OF TRAPROCK PEACE CENTER, which has reorganized its board and moved to Greenfield, Mass. To contact Traprock Peace Center, call 413-773-7427 or visit its site. Charles Jenks is posting new material to, a multimedia blog and resource center.

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War on Truth  From Warriors to Resisters
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The War on Truth

From Warriors to Resisters

Army of None

Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

Archives - Spring - September, 2005
(some material here announces then current or future events; see homepage for updated information.)

Sign the petition to release Jill Carroll and Iraqi Women Prisoners

Antiwar - Disarmament - National/Local
CALENDAR    Winter/Spring '05
Bring Them Home Now Tour
Hear North Bus News Conference
Sept 15, Amherst, MA

Hear George Galloway's Rousing
Finale to US/Canadian Tour

Ralph Nader, a special guest, listening to George Galloway. photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

See entire tour coverage with photo albums and audio from Boston and Chicago

Galloway Kicked off Tour in Boston.
See Blogs on 9/12-14 in Boston and New York debate with Christopher Hitchens



(l-r) Sunny Miller; Traprock Peace Center (local co-sponsor), George Galloway; Alpana Mehta (International Socialist Organization - Boston tour coordinator) and Eriko Nagai, student with Northeastern Univeristy Campus Antiwar Network chapter. photo © 2005 Pat Westwater

Northeastern Univeristy Campus Antiwar Network chapter collecting for Hurricane Relief. photo © 2005 Pat Westwater

The George Galloway National Tour Blog
has updated reports from the Tour.

Podcasting Blog

*George Galloway: "Katrina shows
there are two Americas"

*Scott Ritter Challenges Peace Movement
*Amnesty International emergency
appeal for Kevin Benderman

Download MP3 Audio

*Melissa Sperry on DU
*Harold Hubschman on ballot initiative to
bring MA Guard home now
Harvey Tharp, John Bonifaz, Scott Ritter

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Traprock at the same time!

German Film Exposes
Uranium Weapons in Iraq

Dr. Siegwart-Horst Günther examining cancer victims at hospital in Basra, Iraq.
photo © 2004 Telepool

Contact us to co-sponsor a public showing in your area or purchase online (for private, home use only).

Flyer with Action Steps

We listen to Valley Free Radio
"In my view it is highly irresponsible to continue to ignore this evidence." Keith Baverstock, Ph.D.

CT DU Bill Now Law

DOT ends DU
exemption for DOD

press release (doc)
DU testing bills for national guards pass CT House and Louisana House and Senate unaminously
Traprock Special Report

Will US Military Apply its own regs on DU?
Will it comply with environmental and health care mandates?

The Trojan Horses of Nuclear War
free download here

Download World Uranium Weapons
Conference reader and
hear presentations.

Jazz Funeral for Democracy

© 2005 Annie Spell
New Orleans, Jan 20
Photo-Album with links to speech and articles

Protesters Win ‘Not guilty’ Jury Verdicts After Actions at “Gene Busting” Weapons Site

Jan. 6 press Release - Closing Argument


Rick McDowell and Mary Trotochaud, Iraq Country representatives for AFSC (doc) (pdf) Also, Hear their Nov reports

Interviewing the Student Antiwar Movement

Monique Dols and Desmond Gadfrey at CAN National Conference. Photos and audio. photos by Charles Jenks & Samuel Swenson

Gerard Matthew, Iraq War II vet, contamined by US uranium weapons.

photo © 2004 Charles Jenks

Hear interview on WFCR and with Sunny Miller - MP3 audio - 39:35 minutes; 13.6 mg for broadband and radio airplay; RealAudio for dial-up connections.

Choices for Palestine and Israel

After Arafat: a view from Gaza

Abusada with CAN coordinators Katrina Yeaw and Kathleen Brown, May, 2004.

U.S. Military families depart US to bring humanitarian aid to Iraq
Stop DOD Exemption to Labeling Radioactive Shipments (updated)
Dec 12 Judgment (pdf)
The International Criminal Tribunal for Iraq
(thanks Ross)

Dec 15 - charges dismissed for Dennis Kyne - US Veteran, Patriot

Dennis Kyne at Veterans for Peace Closing Circle, Boston. July 25 photo © 2004 Charles Jenks

D.C. Counter-Inaugural Jan 20
New Orleans Jazz Funeral for Democracy
Petition filed against US with OAS for attacks on Fallujah hospital
press release - petition
additional petitioner

Israeli Refusnik Speaks

photo© 2004 Charles Jenks
Hear Audio

Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission begins public work
In Memoriam: names and identified victims of Iraq War; 1448 coalition dead (as of 12-15-04)

Hear John Bonifaz
on the Failure of Government:
The War Powers Clause and the Constitution Today

both mp3 and RealAudio

Scott Ritter Interview
on Israel's Nuclear Weapons,
Iraq and US protests

Letter from Hunger Strikers' Tent Protesting  Israel's Apartheid Wall

Updates on Palestine Occupation

Chris Busby on Uranium Contamination

photo©2004 Sunny Miller

Traprock interviewed Chris Busby of Green Audit at the IPPNW conference in Berlin. In simple language hear how coastal effects have increased cancer rates and why inhaled uranium contamination is not like natural exposures.

Busby at World DU Conf

Hear Diane Henshel, Ph.D. on health dangers of radioactive munitions.

photo©2004 Charles Jenks

Marc Herold

US 'Precision' Bombing -
Iraq and Afghanistan
download doc or pdf version

Sept 4 update- War as Peace in Afghanistan
download doc or pdf version

Iraq: Eyewitness Reports

Interview with
Khury Petersen-Smith
Campus Antiwar Network
photo©2004 Charlie Jenks

Khury available to speak (pdf)

read Khury's report
End Occupation (pdf)

On the Brink of Destruction
Michele Naar-Obed

See also CAN statement.

The views published on this website do not necessarily represent those of Traprock Peace Center, its Core Group or its supporters.
Campaigns - Resources

College Not Combat

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

Katrina Aftermath

Gulf Coast Journal

Katrina Witnesses Repond

The Real Heroes and Sheroes
of New Orleans

CAN Counter-Recruitment pamphlets by Bill Linville and Paul Pryse (doc) (pdf)

Website of the Moment

Bring Them Home Now Tour

Cindy Sheehan with friend and legal co-counsel Annie Spell. Iconoclast Photo By Gene Ellis

* StandwithCindy
*Gold Star Families
*Political Switchboard

Referendum Submitted:
Bring MA Guard Home!

Text, Interview, FAQ

August 16, 2005

Where is Peace?
Monica Benderman

Lewis M. Levine photo

Amnesty International issues emergency appeal
Free Kevin Benderman

conviction being appealed
Funds still needed
for legal fees

Desecration of KIA Memorial At "Camp Casey"
Ward Reilly

© 2005 Charles Jenks

DVD & Transcript
Scott Ritter - War on Iran

September 24

Peace Train to DC Louisiana Activist Network


D.C. - San Farncisco

On the Occasion of Winston's Ordination by Buddy Spell (an organizer with Peace Train to DC on September, 24th.

Avery learned to tell the truth

Avery with 'friends' in London (click image)
©2005 Avery Friend
Our thanks to Avery and to Buddy Spell

Marc Herold

Marketing of
US Wars

(doc - 2 mb file)

photo © Charlie Jenks

American, Afghanistan and Iraq Children's Memorial (doc)

Amnesty International Condemns Israel's Renewal of Restrictions on Mordechai Vanunu

© Mier Vanunu

Please help him. US Campaign

Links to interviews that led to indictment

See Indictment (pdf)

Meanwhile, thousands of women smuggled into Israel and sold as sex slaves.

Army Handbook
for Recruiters

(pdf) (doc)
Thanks Bonnie Weinstein (
at GWHS with CAN

Norman Solomon

Lying for War

Little Reporting on
Paranoia in High Places

download important US strategic reports Makes
Peace With War

A Shaky Media Taboo -- Withdrawal from Iraq

More Solomon on Page 2

Website's computer stolen - see story and funding appeal.

An urgent message
on radioactive munitions
from Doug Rokke
and Damacio Lopez.

Doug Rokke
photo © 2003 Charles Jenks

Tell DOD to obey the law!

Soldiers, Oil & Ongoing State Terror against Anuak & Other Indigenous Minorities of Southwestern Ethiopia

An investigative genocide field report (doc file) by Keith Harmon-Snow

One Hundred Thousand and Counting - honoring Iraqi civilians killed in the war.
The Salvador Option
Scott Ritter
more by Ritter
Holy Land Journal

Memphis Activists help plant olive trees in occupied Palestine

DU on WMAC Radio (Albany) - Susan Arbetter and Alan Chartock interview John Arnason, David Rose, and Sharon Herr about uranium weapons and the National Lead factory in Colonie, NY.

3 Questions to the DOD
on radioactive weapons
Doug Rokke

Soldiers, Oil & Ongoing State Terror against Anuak & Other Indigenous Minorities of Southwestern Ethiopia
A Genocide Investigative Field Report (doc)
keith harmon snow

U.S-Backed Destabilization of Central Africa - Special Report from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
keith harmon snow

Weapons of Self-Destruction
Finally - a mass media article on DU - thanks David Rose, Vanity Fair
VA report on Iraq War casualties (doc file) 27,571 vets have sought help; 5375 mental disorder diagnoses
A soldier takes on DoD over radioative weapons.
US MD's complicit in
torture at Abu Ghraib

Coalition imprisons Iraqi children

'Depleted' Uranium and Health
Glen Lawrence, Ph.D

(PDF file) Essential information for soldiers and civilians who are at risk for uranium contamination in areas where DU munitions have been used

See also Depleted Uranium Project.

US and UK must take
immediate action on DU

Doug Rokke

DU Casualties - Care Denied

August 19
on joint DC
rally and march

Unity on What Basis?

Students Call for United Protest on Sept 24

Grassroots wants
a single march

Emergency Ad Hoc Committee call for united demonstration

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
New Battleground on Campuses (pdf)

Norman Solomon

In Praise of
Kevin Benderman

© 2003 Charles Jenks

Wagging the Puppy
and unleashing the ugly dogs of war

Solomon's Unspinning of War David Swanson

Interview with Adrian Zupp - War Made Easy
(rtf version) (pdf)

Glen Rangwala

War Without End

©2004 Charlie Jenks

More by Rangwala

Reports & Notices - National/Local

WMass 9/24 Mobilization
DC bus ticket information

Download Poster for distribution

Organzing to Change the World
Photos - Day of Civil Disobedience

See 198 Photos of DC March
2000 joined "College Not Combat - Relief Not War" contingent, called by Campus Antiwar Network. 500 marched in the San Francisco contingent.

San Francisco Photo-Album.

San Francisco's student contingent. © 2005 Campus Antiwar Network

The International Socialist Organization had a huge contingent. The photo-album documents most of the march. All march photos © 2005 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved.

Hundreds of grassroots groups marched. Here is Jacob Flowers (right) and Molly (center) with the Mid-South Peace & Justice Center, Memphis, Tennesse.

hotos by Lousiana's Meredyth Friend

Louisiana activists Avery and Meredyth Friend
©2005 Meredyth Friend

Melissa Sterry, Gulf War vet

"When our government starts saying "Screw you, we aren't going to take care of you," we have a broken contract."

Hear and download talk

She spoke for the DU Media Campaign in New Paltz, NY, 8/20/05 photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

Scott Ritter's Challenge

Dave Dashefsky, Campus Antiwar Network, and Sunny Miller, Traprock Peace Center, discussing Scott Ritter's challenge to the peace movement.
photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

July 27, 2005
Groups Assessing Stontium 90 levels around Vernon, VT reactor
Preliminary results show higher
levels nearer to reactor
Brattleboro Reformer
Greenfield Recorder
Valley Advocate

NRC 'clarifies' failure - VY still shut down
Union of Concerned Scientists
looks behind the 'nukespeak'

Campus Antiwar Network announces
national student counter-recruitment conference
UC-Berkeley, October 22-23

Rally Against War and Empire at
Socialism 2005, Chicago

Rally Audio and Photos

Cindy Corrie and Camilo Mejia

Victor Paredes and Ahmed Shawki
among other speakers at Socialism 2005, sponsored by the Center for Economic Research and Social Change, publisher of International Socialist Review.
photos © 2005 Charles Jenks


What every American should
know about Israel/Palestine

Cindy and Craig Corrie

Students Speak - Counter-Recruitment
Campus Antiwar Network workshop
Chicago, July 3, 2005

Hear and download (mp3) this great workshop by students, for students.


Jorge Torres (moderator), with presenters
Hadas Thier, Elizabeth-Wrigley Field and Katrina Yeaw.
photos © 2005 Charles Jenks

Hear Scott Ritter:
US waging war against Iran

June 23 - Deerfield, MA

© 2004 Charles Jenks

"We declared a war on terror and those who practice terror," said Ritter. "Are we going to declare war on ourselves?"

Meet Traprock's Summer Intern

David Dashefsky speaking at a Campus Antiwar Network conference. See Dave's bio. photo © 2003 Charles Jenks

May 2005
6th Annual Peacemakers Prizes for HS students

photos © 2005 Charles Jenks

See Photos and media coverage

April 6, 2005 -
Antiwar Movement Debates
Occupation of Iraq

Presentations, Rebuttals and Q&A


We Can't be Antiwar
and Pro-Occupation

Anthony Arnove's (upper left)

Anthony Arnove, Erik Gustafson, Alex Ryabov (, and Carolyn Eisenberg (moderator) at debate on whether US occupation of Iraq should continue. Event sponsored by Brooklyn Parents for Peace.
photos © 2005 Charles Jenks

Least we forget:
1 in 4 Marines reported
killing Iraqi Cilivians

Our point is not that these Marines are evil; rather, that it is a war against the Iraqi people.

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