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NO to a Wal-Mart SuperCenter in Hadley! NO to Wal-Mart's Shameful Corporate Practices!
November 19, 2005 - Rally at Hadley Wal-Mart

Several hundred gathered for a Noon-2pm rally at the Mountain Farms Mall Parking Lot, Route 9, Hadley by the huge Teamster's tractor-trailer.

Community activists protested the proposed Wal-Mart expansion and Wal-Mart's corporate practices that hurt workers, women, and the environment.

Al Norman gave the keynote address: See the video - Quicktime (mov) 9:06 minutes - 17.98 mb.

You can download a free Quicktime player -7.0 for Win 2000 or XP - 6.5.2 for older Windows or Mac

Diana Huet de Guerville of Planned Parenthood talked about Wal-Mart's refusal to carry emmergency contraception.

See the video - Quicktime (mov) 2:06 minutes - 4.3 mb.

Frank Rossi of the Teamsters urged Wal-Mart workers to unionize and Wal-Mart to stop trying to keep unions out.

See the video - Quicktime (mov) 2:54 minutes - 5.92 mb.

Get involved locally: contact Dan Clifford at UFCW Local 1459,; or Hadley Neighbors for Sensible Development ( or or Diana Huet de Guerville at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts,, or

The Pioneer Valley Coalition to Change and Challenge Wal-Mart has formed. Info: Pem Brown, Amherst College Wal-Mart Awareness Project, Check out Western Mass Wal-Mart Voices at

Moderator of rally (please send us her name!)

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