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Mordechai Vanunu defies ban and speaks out

"[The] hydrogen bomb has no justification, nor any real excuse for Israel's defense.
It's a real holocaust weapon, a hydrogen bomb, and it only can be used against civilians in cities..."

On August 14, 2004, Mordechai Vanunu spoke with Sunny Miller, Executive Director of Traprock Peace Center, Deerfield, MA. He spoke via cell from from the St. George Cathedral in East Jerusalem. He is available for interview by media. His email is

Contact Traprock Peace Center at 413-773-7427 for additional contact information.
Download August 17, 2004 Press Release (doc file).

Hear the interview (12:41 minutes; 4.4 mb; mp3 audio) See below

Download and read the transcript.


September 13 - The Agonist publishes its interview.

September 10 - Flashpoints interview.

August 29 - Jordan to check for possible radiation from Dimona (based on Vanunu revelations)

August 27 - Vicki Johnson interview with Mordechai Vanunu (transcript)

Aug 19 - Part II of Goodman interivew with Vanunu.

August 18 Update: Amy Goodman called Mordechai Vanunu late last night Jerusalem time. You can hear her hourlong interview with him at Democracy Now.

the transcript (doc file)
Photo © Mier Vanunu

What can you do to help?

Sign the petition - "Let him go now!"

Contact your US Senators and US Representative and ask them to help him come to the US.

See US Campaign site with more on How you can help (gives contact information for Israeli officials).

See links to important related information, below.

Mordachai Vananu, Summary of Interview, August 14, 2004

Mordechai Vanuau, the Israeli who spoke the truth about nuclear weapons and spent 18 years in prison for doing that, spoke with Sunny Miller, Director of the Traprock Peace Center, on August 13th. Vanunu spent eleven and a half years in solitary confinement a small cell only 6 x 9 feet and was imprisoned for a total of 18 years. He was released from prison on April 21st of 2004 and has a room now at an Anglican church, St. George Cathedral in East Jerusalem. He is living among the Palestinian people purposefully (as he told Amy Goodman during her Democracy Now interview with him on August 18th).

By speaking to Miller and to media, Vanuau has defied a restriction imposed by Israel not to speak to foreigners for six months. He also has been told he cannot move freely for 6 months, and for one year is ordered not to leave the country.

Vanunu defied Israel when he revealed to the Sunday Times in London in 1986 that the Israeli government was using a reactor provided through the Atoms for Peace program in nuclear weapons production. Vanunu says the Israeli arsenal contains 100 to 200 nuclear weapons, including powerful hydrogen bomb and neutron bombs.

Vanunu says, “... [The] hydrogen bomb has no justification, nor any real excuse for Israel's defense. It's a real holocaust weapon, a hydrogen bomb, and it only can be used against civilians in cities ... “ Vanunu objects to the reactors working for forty years without any inspections from abroad, or from the Israeli government or Parliament. It was not in the media - no one discussing what was going there.

As a worker at the Dimona reactor, Vanuau claims that emissions there were released only when the wind was blowing toward Jordan.

After his revelation to the Sunday Times Vanunu was lured to Rome by an American young woman. He says that Italian, French, and English kidnappers were waiting for him. They represented some of the governments that secretly promoted nuclear proliferation during the cold war.

Vanunu hopes to leave Israel as soon as possible, to visit supporters he came to know through correspondence during his captivity, including adoptive parents in Minnesota. “I cannot feel safe. There are some threats to my life.”

On behalf of neighbors in Massachusetts, Miller invited Vanunu visit here as well.


Selected Resources

Sites with most recent updates first

US Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu

August 6 - Free Vanunu campaign site - latest news concerning his continued confinement with newsletter

July 31 - Vanunu Speaks, by Christopher Bollyn, American Free Press

April 24 - The Release of Mordechai Vanunu and US Role in Israel's Nuclear Arsenal - Stephen Zunes

April 21 - Story of his release (Guardian)

April 16 - Guardian Profile

Israel's Nuclear Programme (BBC) December 22, 2003

CounterPunch (2003) - The Case of Mordechai Vanunu - Preeminent Hero of the Nuclear Age - Mark Gaffney - biographical article with links to current information

Right Livelihood Award (1987)

Photos of Dimona nuclear weapons production.

Nuclear Weapons (Israel) August, 2004 - Federation of American Scientists

by Warner D. Farr, LTC, U.S. Army (1999)

Thanks to Leuren Moret for asking us to contact Mordechai Vanunu several days ago. Leuren is a scientist who speaks out internationally against the US use of radioactive weapons.

Thanks to Mike Gorse, an activist in this region, for making the transcript.

1997 Delegation Pressed for Vananu's Unconditional Release

We are grateful to Hattie Nestel for her early work in drawing attention to and being a part of a campaign to free Mordechai Vanunu. On September 20, 1997 she left Boston, MA to travel with international delegates to a vigil at Ashkelon prison where Mordechai was incarcerated in a 6 by 9 foot cell with no window and continual artificial lighting for 24 hours a day. Only his immediate family was allowed to visit separated by a metal screen under the scrutiny of a guard. For 7 days they vigiled at the prison and visited the Israeli medical association, the Ministry of Justice in Jeruslam, the Ministry of Defense, the Prime Minister's Office, the President's residence, and the embassies of Italy, the US, Canada, Belgium, France, the UK and Australia. Everywhere they hand delivered a letter calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Vanunu and the abolition of all nuclear weapons. On Saturday, September 27th these international peace advocates demonstrated at the Dimona nuclear weapons facility where Vanunu had worked before his disclosure to the world.

During this 10 day trip, delegates gathered many petitions and distributed approximately 5000 leaflets. In the late afternoon of each day, many of the delegates found time to swim in the "warm and beautiful sea," restoring their spirits.

Hattie Nestel, Art Laffin, Aki Orr, Felice Cohen-Joppa, Rami from the UK, Scott Schaeffer-Duffy, Joe and Jean Gump, Barry Roth, Carla from Brussels were delegates on this mission and are among the people Mordechai may want to visit when his full freedoms are finally won.

August 17 , 2004 - page created by Charlie Jenks and Sunny Miller