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photos © 2005 Meredyth Friend

Meredyth Friend's album from the Protest Against War and Occupation
and the George Galloway Tour Finale - Washington, D.C. - September 26, 2005

Meredyth Friend is a Louisana activist who rode the Peace Train throughout the South, bringing several hundred Southern activists to Washington, DC for the mass protests against the war and occupation. She rode the train with her daughter, Avery Friend, an amazing young activist. Ward Reilly, pictured below, was honored at the George Galloway Tour Finale for his work as an organizer of the Peace Train and as a founder of the Coalition Against War and Injustice in Baton Rouge. Here is a video (wmv) of Avery in Jackson Square at a counter inauguration protest, jazz funeral for Democracy, when Bush took office. That day there were 2500 people present.

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Cheney is finally right.
A sight we'd like to see.
if only
Avery marched with the 2000 strong "College Not Combat - Relief Not War" contingent called by the Campus Antiwar Network.
Avery and Meredyth.
George Galloway's speech has been played by radio stations all over the country, as well as Australia.

Shown here also are Rose Gentle (Military Families Against the War - UK) and Virginia Harabin (moderator)
George Galloway signing for Avery and Ward.
Charlie Jenks and Avery.
Ward and Charlie - an example of how the internet has brought activists together and fostered close working and personal relationships.
Avery, Ward, Charlie and Meredyth.

Charlie with Avery and Monique Dols, a national coordinating committee member of the Campus Antiwar Network. Avery joined the 2000 strong CAN march in DC. Perhaps a new CAN chapter in a Louisiana school? CAN has announced its national conference, with a focus on counter-recruitment, at Berkeley, Oct 22-23. See the CAN website for details. CAN is partnering with the Bay Area MOOS coalition on the counter-recruitment sessions.