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Coverage of 2005 Midwest Socialism Conference - November 5, 2005

Over 300 people converged on the Midwest Socialism Conference at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This was one of 5 regional conferences sponsored by the International Socialist Organization (ISO), the Center for Economic Research and Social Change, and Haymarket Books.

The Chicago conference offered 18 workshops over 3 sessions, followed by a plenary. Below are audio of workshop presentations by Lance Selfa on "The Bush Doctrine and US Imperialism Today;" Sherry Wolf on "Israel: the Hijack State." Selfa and Wolf are on the editorial board of the International Socialist Review.

The Plenary featured four speakers. David Airhart is a veteran and student who serve in both Iraq and Afghanistan and current is a member of the Kent State Antiwar Coalition, a chapter of the Campus Antiwar Network. He is faces possible expulsion for hanging a banner on top of a rock climbing wall that was erected by military recruiters on October 19, 2005. David was participating in a campus antiwar protest organized by KSAWC. Darby Tillis spent 4 years on death row before he was acquitted and later pardoned - he advocated for Stan "Tookie" Williams, who faces being killed in California on December 13, 2005.; Juan Torres, Goldstar Families for Peace parent of Juan Torres, Jr. who was killed in Afghanistan, and Alan Maass, editor of the Socialist Worker newspaper. Please find below audio of the talks given by David Airhart and Alan Maass. The sound quality during Airhart's talk degraded significantly midway through the talk due to a problem with the sound system. It was an important talk as he described abuse of detainees and the murder and mistreatment of Iraqis. Due to technical problems, we do not have the audio of Darby Tillis and Juan Torres, but have Alan Maass's stirring speech that capped the presentations.

Lance Selfa, editorial board of the International Socialist Review, giving workshop on the Bush Doctrine and US Imperialism. photo ©2005 Charles Jenks

Download mp3 audio - 28:41 minutes

Broadband version - 13.2 mb; 64 kbps mono or Dialup version - 3.3 mb; 16 kbps mono

Sherry Wolf, editorial board of the International Socialist Review, spoke on "Israel: the Hijack State." file photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

Download mp3 audio - 39:20 minutes

Broadband version - 18.1 mb; 64 kbps mono or dialup version - 4.6 mb; 16 kbps mono

photo ©2005 Charles Jenks

David Airhart, veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq wars and student member of
Kent State Anti-War Coalition, a chapter of the Campus Antiwar Network.

Download mp3 audio - 13:14 minutes

Broadband version - 6.1 mb; 64 kbps mono or dialup version - 1.6 mb; 16 kbps mono.

Read transcript of David Airhart's talk.

Lean more about the Kent State situation and read letters of support for
David Airhart and Kent State students at

Sign the online petition in support of David Airhart at

Follow counter-recruitment actions at Kent State and on campuses coast to coast at the
Campus Antiwar Network
website at

Alan Maass, editor of Socialist Worker. photo ©2005 Charles Jenks

Download mp3 audio - 16:33 mimutes

Broadband version - 64 kbps mono; 7.6 mb or dialup version - 16 kbps mono; 1.9 mb.

Dabry Tillis speaking on his experience in death row, and advocating for Stan "Tookie" Williams, who faces being killed in California on December 13, 2005. photo ©2005 Charles Jenks

Juan Torres, speaking of the killing of his son Juan Torres, Jr., in Afghanistan. photo ©2005 Charles Jenks

David Airhart, Darby Tillis and Juan Torres. photo ©2005 Charles Jenks

Plenary session with most of the 300 people who came to the workshops.

Alan Maass is editor of Socialist Worker.