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International Peace Conference - London, December 10, 2005
The Campus Antiwar Network comes to learn, to network and to join delegates in exploring international cooperation

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Eric Ruder, International Socialist Review; Cindy Sheehan, Goldstar Families for Peace; Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Campus Antiwar Network Coordinating Committee. The conference held a reception for US delegates on Friday, December 9, 2005 the night before the conference. Eric was a student moderator at CAN's first unified national conference in Chicago on February 22-23, 2003. (It's founding conferences on January 17, 2003 were held in DC and San Francisco simultaneously.)


Alys Elica Zaerin (School Students Agains the War convenor) met Elizabeth. The reception was a great gift as it gave Americans a way to re-connect with each other, and also to meet and renew acquaintances with British organizers.


Eric with Kelly Dougherty, Iraq Veterans Against the War. Kelly is a founding memberof IVAW and speaks nationally on her experiences as a soldier in Iraq. She was a featured speaker with Cindy Sheehan on the military families panel the next day.


Students Pav Akhtar, Suzie Wylie (both of the UK's National Union of Students), Elizabeth Wrigley-Field (Campus Antiwar Network) and Peter Leary NUS). The British students are active in the Stop the War Coalition. This photo was taken after the British students led a meeting for well over 100 students at the conference. Elizabeth was invited to speak. See Video of Student Meeting.


Elizabeth with Hanna Abrahim of the Iraq organization Free Will.

Abrahim "described how occupation forces kidnap women as hostages, "not as terrorists, but to threaten their men, to let them know their women can be taken and held." She says "one woman who was released, said the first question they asked her was 'are you a virgin?' but the occupiers do not realize this will cause more men to resist. It will bring more terrorism." She says "America is bringing terrorism to Iraq." She describes as "absurd" the notion that "we need war in order to have peace." She concludes that Bush and Blair are 'bringing shame to their own countries.'" - from Kevin Zeese's report.


Dr. Dahlia Wasfi; Kelly; Elizabeth; Charlie Jenks and Omar Waraich. Omar is a writer and organizer in the UK. He was the keynote speaker, as a student, at the Campus Antiwar Network's second national conference on November 1-2, 2003 in Chicago. Here Omar's speech given at that conference.


Charlie with old friend Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP - Islington North. Jeremy gave the keynote address to CAN's founding conference at George Washington University on January 17, 2003 (with a sister conference held in San Francisco simultaneously.)


On December 11, the day after the conference, delegates representing many international organizations gathered to share ideas and explore international cooperation in peacemaking. Stop the War Coalition (UK) convened and moderated the meeting. Also from the UK were the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and National Union of Students. US groups included United for Peace and Justice, Campus Antiwar Network, Veterans for Peace, AfterDowningStreet, US Labor Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, International Socialist Review and Traprock Peace Center.


This photographer called for a final shot so the various delegates who were taking pictures could join in the group. It turned into a clowning around session but the photographer (with the ugly camera 'fanny' pack) did at least get in the shot. People were feeling an unfamiliar enthusiasm as they had just witnessed the start of a new level of international cooperation. Thanks to the Stop the War Coalition.

Photographs © 2005 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved.