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Rally Against War - Fayetteville, NC - March 19, 2005

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Hear these speakers: length

MP3 audio ( 1:12:35 hours; 25 mb); RealAudio

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Camilo Mejia, Iraq Vet, Conscientious Objector, Miami, Florida (we overlapped Camilo - his talk ended page 1 - because we had made page 2 first and his introduction by the MC was clipped. So, for the complete introduction, please see page 1.)

Kevin and Joyce Lucey, Military Families Speak Out, Massachusetts -

The Lucey's are our neighbors, so as a special offering, we made recordings of their talk.

MP3 (5:02 min; 1.8 mb); RealAudio

Dennis Kyne, Gulf War Vet, California -

Rev, Ralph Baldwin, Vietnam Veteran, Greensboro, NC (no photo)

Diedra Cobb, Conscientious Objector, Virginia

Catherine Lutz, Author and Academic, Brown University with Patrick Resta, Iraq War veteran and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War

Stephen Funk, Gulf War II war resister

Cuntry Kings, a "drag troupe"

Special Treat - See video clip of the Cuntry Kings performance below! (AVI format playable in QuickTime™)

This clip is 13.9 mb and will take a long time to download for dialup connections.

Chuck Fager, Director of Quaker House, Fayetteville, NC

Medea Benjamin (speaking), founding Director of Global Exchange and co-founder of Code Pink

Patricia Roberts, mother of Army Spc. Jamaal Rashard Addison, killed in Iraq

Jibril Hough, Islamic Political Party of America, Charlotte, NC

Cynthia Brown, Community Activist, Durham, NC

Wade Fulmer, Carolina Peace Resource Center, South Carolina

Jimmy Massey, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Waynesville, NC

Manju Rajendran, March 20th (Fayette) Organizers' Gathering and Spring Conference Co-Coordinator (Manju made many useful announcements during the event; her good natured banter with Chuck Fager reflected the good humor of the audience).

See Page 1 of Audio Index

It was impossible to get a photo of the entire audience. Suffice to say that several thousand stayed for the rally after the march.

See Page 1 of Audio Index

See fuller descriptions of the speakers at the North Carolina Peace and Justice website.

See also original writings by veterans Dennis Kyne and Ward Reilly:

Fayetteville Diary - and
Antiwar Movement Grows at Fort Bragg -

See Fayetteville Observer story (requires registration)

Protests Across Nation - San Francisco, NYV, Fayetteville

March 24, 2005 - page created by Charlie Jenks; updated March 26.