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March 25, 2005

Anti-War Movement Grows At Ft. Bragg
Malkin Disgraces KIA Soldiers, Iraq Vets, Families

by Ward Reilly 3-23-05

I must admit that I am amused to know that MicHELLe Malkin takes time to
check out the color of the underwear that the women of "Code Pink" are
wearing, which is apparently what she spends her time doing, instead of
learning journalism. (Ward Reilly with Dennis Kyne; photo © 2005 Charles Jenks)

In her March 16th column, entitled "Moonbats On Parade", she admits that
she likes to look at the underwear being worn by the "ladies in pink."

However, she calls the parents of KIA soldiers "moonbats". She calls the
families of our troops at war "moonbats". She calls combat vets "moonbats".
Does anyone know even what that means?

She calls these American heroes, our returning war vets "un-hinged". Troops
that have been to war for HER. She is boringly predictable with her typical
republican variety of "supporting our troops", much as the yellow ribbons
have become. Surely she is one of the Bush/Cheney payed "journalists"?
To her credit, she also bravely admits that these activists are "standing in
the way" of the neocon genocide in Iraq, a genocide that has already
slaughtered more than 100,000 innocent people on both sides of the
Bush/Cheney war-crime. At least she got that right in her article.

What this pathetic excuse for a journalist somehow managed to forget to
report in her article about Code Pink at Ft. Bragg, is that they were there
in support of the first national meeting of three burgeoning anti-war
groups, those being "Iraq Veterans Against the War" (IVAW), "Gold Star
Families For Peace" (GSFP), and "Military Families Speak Out" (MFSO). And
there are no more legitimate anti-Bush people than these beautiful souls
that have given more than anyone else, because of Bush's lies.

I wonder if Ms. Malkin has any criticism for these incredibly brave young
women and men, soldiers that had to endure the war-crime-policies of the
White House, or the families of those killed, who have now organized to tell
the TRUTH about what is happening in Iraq? Soldiers that were there, Ms
Malkin. Parents that have lost their children, Ms Malkin.

So I ask her this; when are you going to enlist to go be a soldier/target in
a land where you will be loathed as an occupier? Grab yourself an M-16 and
march on over to Iraq, you mouthpiece for the liars club.

I wonder why someone as young and healthy as MicHELLe, someone that enjoys
to watch "freedom on the move across the Middle East", as she calls the
disaster in Iraq, has not yet signed up to go fight? They need YOU MicHELLe.

Both the Army and the Marines are in desperate need of such brave young
heroes as you must be. I wonder if Ms. Malkin has some of her forked-tongued
criticism for IVAW, MFSO or GSFP? I dare her to challenge their integrity
and sacrifice. Code Pink wants peace, and so do all of us in the movement.

I wonder how many funerals she has attended to try and comfort the victims
of the Bush/Cheney blitzkrieg of lies, death, and hate? None I would bet.

Malkin criticizes Code Pink for being "peaceniks who derive pleasure from
ripping yellow ribbon magnets off of cars", and for "throwing rocks at ROTC
offices". How do you feel about politicians that use our troops to kill
civilians that did NOTHING to us Michele? Because when you send troops to
war based on lies, you ruin the lives of the troops forever.

Better to tear up yellow magnets than flesh and blood like Malkin's heroes.
Better to throw rocks at buildings than to "Shock and Awe" innocent women
and children with 2000 pound bombs, in the name of "freedom and democracy".
The troops returning home, finally, say that there is nothing democratic
going on in Iraq, unless you consider genocide to be a "family value" and
democratic, as apparently those in the Bush/Cheney-world do.

Since MicHELLe the "journalist" won't tell you about anyone at the Ft. Bragg
demonstrations except for brave Code Pink (and their undies), please allow
me, the non-journalist, to tell you.

On Saturday and Sunday, veterans from the Iraq War, YES MicHELLe, Bush's
troops in Iraq, joined hands with families of active-duty soldiers, and
families of troops that gave their lives for the Bush/Cheney lying
machine, and veterans from every war since WWII, to CONDEMN the neocon White
House policies and lies. 4800+ of us. And Code Pink was there too.

In what can only be described as one of the most memorable and historical
days in the history of the growing anti-war movement,and our country,
thousands of U.S. citizens marched on Ft. Bragg, North Carolina to show
people like MicHELLe that no amount of police-state tactics can stop the
truth, which the Iraq vets told to any and all that still have their minds
open. And they will not stop telling the truth until this nation-killer is

Bush and Co. had better start worrying, because their payed-off excuses for
journalists might be able to attack Code Pink, but the REAL veterans of the
"war" in Iraq are starting to filter back with the facts, and the fact is
that they are mad at the neocons for their lies on top of lies on top of
lies that were used to send them off on a pre-planned war against an
innocent nation.

I've been around a lot of anti-war activity for 3 years now, and I had the
privilege and honor to meet almost every single one of the organizers of
"Iraq Veterans AGAINST the War", and the likes of MicHELLe and the Bushites
had better run for cover. These are some of the finest human beings I have
had the privilege to meet, and they are cool, calm, and collected, and ready
to STOP this lie that has slaughtered 100,000+ for Bush's big-business
friends, and nothing else.

While people like Malkin spread their hate and fear, REAL americans such as
Cindy Sheehan of "Gold Star Families For Peace" are mad, and ready to tell
the TRUTH about what the neocons have done, and that is what she did at Ft.
Bragg. Cindy had here son stolen from her by the Cheney gang on 04-04-04,
and I can't wait to hear what the pathetic excuse for a journalist like
Malkin has to say to her.

Others, such as Stan Goff, an American hero if there ever was one, spoke the
truth in a fiery speech that only someone that has walked the walk could,
calling a spade a spade and a war criminal a war criminal. Stan was a
Special Forces Master Sergeant,one that grew sick of the lies of our

3-time battle wounded in Viet Nam, Dave Cline, of Veterans For Peace and
Viet Nam Veterans Against the War, did likewise, as he gave the opening
speech to those lucky enough to have been there Sunday at Iraq Veterans
Against the War's first national meeting.

It is laughable to note that only 70 counter-protestors were willing to show
up in support of Bush's war, at what is arguably the most military town in
America, Fayetteville N.C., compared to 4800 people that trekked to North
Carolina from as far away as Hawaii to condemn it, and it was actually
hilarious to see that the best that the Bush-backers could come up with was
a giant sign that read "Code Pink Kills Our Troops"....well I hate to tell
them, but those "ferocious" Code Pinker's are actually trying to support our
troops by keeping them alive, the opposite of the type of support Bush and
Cheney and his brain-dead supporters are trying to provide them with.
It is the dictator in the White House that is killing our troops, men and
women that are being forced to drive and walk around in Iraq with no
mission, no direction, and nothing but heat, sand, and hell, as they fight,
and as they try and survive as human targets for Bush, the real war

Get a life MicHELLe, and pull your head out of Bush's ass long enough to
smell the truth. It is much more pleasant than what you are smelling and
selling now, trust me on that.Take some journalism courses, and if you are
lucky, I will try and get some of the REAL ladies of Code Pink to send you
some of their PINK panties. I fantasize that you would lok HOT in them. Like
a pink snake, venom frothing from your little mouth.

The anti-war movement now has jelled. 800 actions took place around the
country, and around the world on March 19th, on this horrendous "second
anniversary" of our nations world-wide loss of respect.

We are organized, and we are coming after those like Bush, Cheney, Rice and
Rumsfeld, with the TRUTH. So mark my words King Curious George, Little Dick
Cheney, and MicHELLe, there is a special place in HELL for you and your
lying death-machine, and it's not going to be PINK. As the song says, PINK,
it's my favorite color.
Ward Reilly is a volunteer infantry vet, having served as an occupation
soldier from 1971-1974, as a gunner in the First Infantry Division. He is a
member of Veterans For Peace, and the Southeast National contact for Viet
Nam Veterans Against the War, and several other local anti-war groups, and
he writes for free, and for freedom.

Ward Reilly with Traprock's Charlie Jenks (photo © 2005 Sunny Miller)

March 12, 2005 - page created by Charlie Jenks