November 5, 2007: This website is an archive of the former website,, which was created 10 years ago by Charles Jenks. It became one of the most populace sites in the US, and an important resource on the antiwar movement, student activism, 'depleted' uranium and other topics. Jenks authored virtually all of its web pages and multimedia content (photographs, audio, video, and pdf files. As the author and registered owner of that site, his purpose here is to preserve an important slice of the history of the grassroots peace movement in the US over the past decade. He is maintaining this historical archive as a service to the greater peace movement, and to the many friends of Traprock Peace Center. Blogs have been consolidated and the calendar has been archived for security reasons; all other links remain the same, and virtually all blog content remains intact.

THIS SITE NO LONGER REFLECTS THE CURRENT AND ONGOING WORK OF TRAPROCK PEACE CENTER, which has reorganized its board and moved to Greenfield, Mass. To contact Traprock Peace Center, call 413-773-7427 or visit its site. Charles Jenks is posting new material to, a multimedia blog and resource center.

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See more on 'depleted uranium'

DU National Tour and World Uraniam Weapons Conference

See also Los Alamos and Defense Nuclear Agency Memos as other examples of prior knowledge of DU's dangerousness and extensive US Army regulations on DU that have not been followed.

See too Steven Rosenfeld's article "Deserting Our Troops" on US failure to complete pre and post-deployment health assessments.

And, see UPI report on 4,000 US non-combat medical evacuations from Iraq.

FOIA Document shows Navy has been aware problems associated with DU since 14 May 1984

This MSDS sheet (shown with 3 photos of documents) was released from the Department of the Navy, Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane, Indiana, on 22 May 03 in response to a 2 April 03 Freedom of Information Act request by Glen Milner. The Material Safety Data Sheet, dated 14 May 1984, shows the Navy has been aware of many of the problems associated with depleted uranium since that time.

Glen Milner worked with other to expose that the US Navy has been firing 'deplted' uranium off the coast of Washington State. Sunny Miller interviewed Glen Milner on October 6, 2003. HEAR AUDIO (mp3) - 28 minutes. Glen's email is and works with Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action. See interview summary.

See the documents he received via a Freedom of Information Act request below. For example, on page 3 of 3:

"8. Should DU be handled in powdered form [DU munitions create a fine powder when fired due to their pyrophoric nature] or should a DU penetrator oxidize resulting from a penetrator's involvement in an accident such as a fire, then the intake of DU aerosol or ash via inhalation, ingestion or absorption pesents an interna. adiatin hazard.

9. Depending on the solubility of the particular DU compound in body fluids, it may also be toxic, particular to the kidney."

Below, we have printed the documents received via FOIA requests. The documents displayed are in a reduced resolution, though still large for dial-up internet connections. Please be patient while these documents download. Each page of this 3-page document is also available in 'full' size, by clicking the links below.

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