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Veterans for Peace Workshop on DU (radioactive munitions), Boston, July 23, 2004
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Sunny Miller, Executive Director of Traprock Peace Center in Deerfield, Massachusetts, served as moderator of the panel and presented. Sunny co-facilitated action planning at the World Uranium Weapons Conference in Hamburg, Germany, October 16-19, 2004; facilitated action planning and presented on DU at the 5th Annual National Grassroots Conference on the War Against Iraq in Bloomington, Indiana; has spoken to national and regional conferences and peace rallies on DU and peace; and organized national speaking tours on 'depleted' uranium to over 30 cities and towns in the US with Doug Rokke, Ph.D. During the build up to war on Iraq, she organized speaking tours in the Mid-West, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic for Scott Ritter. In his book Endgame (2nd Edition), he acknowledged her work in helping him bring his message of peace and justice as an alternative to war and suffering to the entire country.She has been an associate member of Veterans for Peace for years. Her father served in the US Marines and US Army in the Korean and Vietnam Wars as a helicopter pilot. She lived on many military bases in the US and Germany as a child.

Tom Gale served in the US Marine Corps 1964- 1967, serving in Chu Lai, Vietnam from 1965 to 1966, as a HAWK missile radar technician. He earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering at UMass Amherst.He worked for 8 yearsas a project engineer at the US Naval Air Test Center, Maryland and 15 years with General Electric Aircraft Engines in Lynn.Since1995, he has worked as a mediator with the North Shore Community Mediation Program in Salem, currently training middle & high school students in Peer Mediation. He has traveled on the Veterans for Peace humanitarian projects to Basra, Iraq in October 2000 and to My Lai, Vietnam in June 2001. He is currently organizing a Boston-area Nonviolent Peace Force Affinity Group to educate the public in alternatives to the military and support volunteers to work in areas of international regional-global conflict. Helped to deliver Children of the Gulf War books to US Congress. He works with the Hiroshima Appeal to Ban DU Weapons, and Mayors For Peace on the Emergency Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons by 2020, educating others on dangers of all weapons on people.

Judy Scotnicki is a co-founder of Citizens Research and Environmental Watch [CREW].For 15 years she has worked to educate herself and others about 'depleted' uranium [DU].She resides in Concord, MA, a mile and one half from STARMET/NUCLEAR METALS,INC., a primary manufacturer of the armour piercing radioactive bullet, the DU penetrator, which was used for the 1st time during the 1991 GULF WAR. The Starmet site is now a EPA Superfund site.

Jack Scotnicki is a 1964 graduate of USMA.He was in the US Army for 9 years.He served in Vietnam in 1967 and in 1972. He has supported peace efforts since leaving the service in 1973. He has been supporting his wife's efforts to get all people educated on the risks of 'depleted' uranium. He is currently a member of Veterans for Peace and a certified organic land manager and micro-farmer.He resides in Concord with his wife Judy.

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Tom Gale


Sunny gives Tom and assist by showing photos of Iraqi children suffering from cancer and birth defects. It cannot be said, without testing that has been unavailable in Iraq, that these particular children were victims of DU. What can be said is that cancer and birth defect rates have shown significant increases in areas where DU munitions were used during the 1991 Gulf War.

Sunny Miller
Judy Scotnicki


Jack Scotnicki, showing a news story on higher leukemia rates in the Concord area where DU munitions were manufactured.



John Schuchardt, Veterans for Peace Member and famed peace activist. Ex-Marine, lawyer and father, he was a member of the "Plowshares Eight" - see this chronology. and the first Veterans Peace Action team to Nicaragua.

John inspired a sermon - :"Walk to Freedom" and shouted "God abhors this bloodshed" during a service in Kennebunkport (with former President Bush in attendance) after the first Gulf War. He directs the House of Peace in Ipswitch, Mass. John was not on the panel, yet it would not have happened without him. He asked Sunny Miller to facilitate the workshop for the VFP convention.