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See Letter to US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
from Massachusetts state representatives and senators

Massachusetts Residents - Take Action to Stop Vermont Yankee Uprate


Write to Massachusetts Attorney General and ask him to intervene in opposition to the uprate.

(See also August 19 event, below)

Download sample letters (if these do not open automatically on download, you will need to know the location of your download folder).

Dear Attorney General Reilly (longer version - editable doc file) See letter reprinted below (without all Word formatting)

Dear Attorney General Reilly (shorter version - editable doc file) See letter reprinted below (without all Word formatting)

We encourage you to adapt these your own style and use.

March 24, 2004

Nils Diaz, Chairman
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
11555 Rockville Pike,
Rockville, MD 20852

Dear Mr. Diaz:

We write to you to express our desire to have any uprate of The Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant contingent upon an independent engineering assessment of the plant.

Collectively, we represent the communities in Massachusetts within the fallout area of Vermont Yankee. We are concerned about a 32-year-old facility being allowed to boost reactor power to 120% of its original design capacity.

The Vermont Public Service Board, at a recent meeting, conditioned a certificate of public good for the uprate proposal on an independent energy assessment. We believe the Nuclear Regulatory Commission should perform such an assessment to be sure that this facility can safely increase to 120% of capacity and that this assessment be done prior to NRC approval.

We believe an independent assessment is in the best interest of Vermont Yankee and the citizens of Vermont and Massachusetts. Thank you for your consideration.


Christopher J. Donelan
State Representative

Stephen Kulik
State Representative

Shaun Kelly
State Representative

Stan Rosenberg
State Senator

Andrea Nuciforo
State Senator

August 19- starting at 4 pm

On March 31- 600 people attended the NRC
public meeting in Vernon- Now is the time to do it again!

Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani, hired by Entergy as a
consultant, will make an invitation-only presentation
at the Quality Inn in Brattleboro.

This event is likely to be attended by Entergy
corporate CEO Wayne Leonard, in town that day to avert
a planned strike by the International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers local 300.

Rally/Protest ? Join forces with the VY workers and
union as they prepare to strike
SUPPORT I.BE.W. & VY Workers at the Quality Inn.
Entergy workers deserve our support!

VY?s skilled workforce helps keep the plant safe.
Management running the reactor during a strike is a
danger to public safety!

Disgruntled nuclear workers make for a less safe

Directions- exit 3 North on Rte 5 200yards easy off-
easy on

Room 136 has been rented in the Sachs name, thus
protesters have access inside the hotel(placards

For more
info- 802 257-4003

Office of the Attorney General
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 727-2200

Dear Attorney General Reilly:

I wish to call on you to intervene with regard to the proposed power rate increase at Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station. This rate increase represents a license amendment and is thus subject to legal intervention.

The most effective course of action would be for the Massachusetts Attorney General to file a legal intervention with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The Vernon Nuclear Power Station is thirty-three years old. It has operated longer than any other plant in NewEngland. For this reason alone, it is NOT a good candidate for a 20% increase in power output. This power uprate would represent the largest expansion in nuclear generation in New England since the building of the Seabrook plant in the late1970's.

Currently, filing for intervenor status must be completed by late August. The design review that is being undertaken will not even be complete by the end of August; results of the review should be made available to intervenors and interested parties.

* Please call for an extension of the time allowed for review and intervention.

An extension of this filing deadline has been requested by the governor of Vermont and the federal delegation of Vermont, but has not yet been granted. Please join them in demanding a time extension.

The basis of the intervention is public health and safety:

* The plant after uprate has NOT been demonstrated to be in compliance with today's standards. This uprate should be blocked until compliance with today's standards has been demonstrated.

* The assessment process underway has NOT even identified the criteria against which the plant is to be assessed.

* The proposed mode of operation will increase the likelihood that the emergency core cooling system will not work properly in the event of an emergency which in turn increases the probability of a radioactive release to the surrounding countryside. It is my understanding that the "over-pressure" operating mode proposed for the plant under uprated conditions is against in the NRC's own guidelines which explicitly recommend against relying on elevated pressure in the containment.

* I feel that the NRC is failing to include truly "independent " observers from the review process and not providing a "transparent" review process. Thus, I feel that the public cannot be assured of an objective evaluation process.

* Recently there have been a series of "accidents" or "events" at the Vernon Nuclear Station including the discovery of cracks in a key component, the misplacement of nuclear fuel, a transformer fire, and several problems with the emergency notification system, including inadvertent disconnection of the emergency alarm system. These "events" bring into question the effectiveness of current plant operation and management and further undermine the local public's confidence in the safety of the facility.

* In the event of an accident at the Vernon Nuclear Power Station, Massachusetts is actually at more risk than Vermont. This is due to its location largely to the east and downwind of the plant.

Time is short and the stakes are high, I strongly urge you to act now to intervene in this matter.


Office of the Attorney General
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 727-2200

Dear Attorney General Reilly:

I am very concerned about the proposed uprating of the Vernon Nuclear Power Station. If carried to completion, it will allow the station to run at a load 20% higher than its design rating .

I request that you to intervene on my behalf and on behalf of my community with regard to the proposed power rate increase. (The power station is located in Vernon, Vermont, just across the state border, approximately ten miles north of Greenfield, Massachusetts.) This rate increase represents a license amendment and is therefore subject to legal intervention.

The plant has not been fully evaluated to assure that operation at higher power levels will be safe. A limited study is being made, but is not being undertaken with adequate public scrutiny or independent oversight, nor is it being made clear what standards the plant will have to meet. Since the equipment modifications that are part of the uprate process began, there have been a number of problems at the plant including misplacement of nuclear fuel, inadvertent disconnection of the emergency notification system, a transformer fire, and discovery of cracks in the steam dryer. Similar cracks in this important system component have resulted in failures at other nuclear power plants.

The interests of the public, and, in particular, the interests of the citizens of affected areas of Massachusetts, are not being adequately addressed.

Please legally intervene on behalf of affected Massachusetts communities in the review process of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the proposed power uprate at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station.


New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution

Citizens Awareness Network


August 11 , 2004 - page created by Charlie Jenks; updated Aug 19.