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Together We Explore Nonviolence, Foster Community, Work to end war, Promote Communication & Take Initiatives on Environmental and Justice issues

photos © 2004 Charles Jenks and Sunny Miller

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Photo-history displayed at Traprock Peace Center 25th Anniversary Celebration - December 18, 2004 at Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA, December 18, 2004

These photos are more or less a random sample of various organized or co-sponsored events over the past several years. We have probably more thant 10,000 images in our photo archives that document Traprock's work and the work of local and some national organizations, such as the Campus Antiwar Network - - and the National Network to End the War Against Iraq, or the Grassroots Peace Coalition -

Traprock is the fiscal sponsor under 501 c 3 for these networks and has worked in support of them over the past few years.

Around September, 2002, the Stop the War Coalition (UK) asked Traprock to document the US peace movement, to show the world that the US was not all hellbent on war.Our website was already distinquished for its photo-journals. With StoptheWar's encouragement, we continued to do that. The Traprock site has provided photo-journals of pre and post war mass demonstrations, organizing meetings and events in New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, Boston, Providence, San Francisco, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Wichita, Baltimore and Columbus (in the US) as well as coverage in London, Berlin, Paris and St. Petersburg (Russia). Contributors have helped (San Francisco and Paris, for example); most of the photos have been by Charlie Jenks, a Traprock volunteer.

We'll add annotations to photos later. So much to do, as any peace activist would know. Do you suggest any photos from our archives or elsewhere on the site that we should add? Click on image to left to see full size. This was taken a few years ago at a Traprock potluck.

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