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The People are Coming!

see entire PHOTO ALBUM of Opening Ceremony for the Walk.

Deerfield  to  Boston - Peace Walk,  July 13-21

o  Join us for the Veterans for Peace National Convention, July 22 -24

at Emerson College & the Boston Social Forum, at U-Mass Boston, July 23 -25

Traprock Peace Center   Veterans for Peace

WALK  5   MINUTES  or  5   MILES !

Call Eric Wasileski, 413  219-8769

 Bring tea for brewing  &  American flags for washing.


Download Poster - pdf or doc version.

Hear Randy Kehler read apology to the Iraqi people. (mp3 for broadband; or RealAudio for dialups).

Tues. July 13 - old Deerfield ~9AM  / Amherst Common ~4PM / Leverett ~6PM

Join a send-off circle (with flag washing) in old Deerfield at the cemetery - from Main St,at the end of Old Albany Rd. Lunch at the CT River. From Amherst Common carpool for potluck supper at Mount Toby Meeting, Rt. 63 in Leverett.

        Wed. July 14 - Amherst Common ~9AM  / Agape in Ware ~6PM

        Thur. July 15 - Agape in Ware ~9AM  /  Spencer ~6PM

        Fri. July 16 - Spencer ~9AM  /  Worcester ~6PM

        Sat. July 17  - rest day.  For  reservations during the Convention. register, and call now 617 824 - 8554.

        Sun. July 18 - Worcester Friends Mtg. ~9AM /  Peace Abbey Sherborn ~6PM

        Mon. July 19 - Peace Abbey ~9AM  Sherborn  /  Concord ~6PM

        Tues. July 20 - Concord ~9AM  /  Lexington ~6PM Public gathering

        Wed. July 21 - Have a Boston Tea Party, stirring & brewing the movement

Co-sponsored by Traprock Peace

Wally Nelson Chapter of Veterans for

and the Social Concerns Committee of the Mount Toby Friends Meeting