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Anti-War Operations League

Austin Against War

Austin Coalition to End the Sanctions on Iraq

Brazos Anti-War Coalition

Bryan College Station for Peace

Committee in Solidarity with the People of Iraq

Dallas Peace Center

Houston Coalition for Justice Not War

San Antonio Peace Center

Southeast Texans Organized for Peace

Texans Against War

Texans for Peace





Anti-War Operations League

Denton, TX

Website: http://www.awol.org/

Contact: Mike Clagg * mike@awol.org

Contact: Martin Wallace * amorph13@worldunrest.org


Austin Against War

Austin, TX

Website: http://austinagainstwar.org

Contact: Pat Youngblood * pat1937@earthlink.net



Austin Coalition to End the Sanctions on Iraq

2210 Enfield #1

Austin, TX 78703

Website: www.nowarcollective.com 

Contact: Rahul Mahajan, * rahul@tao.ca

Tel: 512-471-4891 (wk) * 512-477-5902 (hm)

Fax: 512-477-5902

Contact: Robert Jensen * rjensen@uts.cc.utexas.edu

Department of Journalism, University of Texas

Austin, TX 78712

Tel: (512) 471-1990


Brazos Anti War Coalition

Bryan College Station, TX

E-Mail: no2war03@yahoo.com

Mission: To Promote peace in Brazos County



Bryan College Station for Peace

College Station, TX

Website: www.bcsforpeace.org

E-mail: peace@bcsforpeace.org



Committee in Solidarity with the People of Iraq

13109 Roanoke Road

Westlake, TX 76262

Tel: 214-826-1212

Contact: Hadi Jawad * shadijawad@aol.com

Tel: 214-823-7793  * 214-392-2939 (cel)



Dallas Peace Center

Website: www.dallaspeacecenter.org 

4301 Bryan, Suite 202

Dallas, Texas 75204

E-Mail: admin@dallaspeacecenter.org 

4301 Bryan, Suite 202

Dallas, Texas 75204

Contact: Hadi Jawad * shadijawad@aol.com

Tel: 214-823-7793 * 214-392-2939 (cel)

Fax: 214-823-8356


Houston Coalition for Justice Not War

3535 W. Holcombe #16
Houston, TX 77025

Website: www.houstonjusticenotwar.org

Contact: Ken Freeland * kenfree@ev1.net

Tel: 713-218-8063

Contact: Diane Bulanowski * redtobias@aol.com

tel: 713-957-4976

Mission: A coalition of over 30 peace and ant-war organizations and individuals whose mission is to promote justice.



San Antonio Peace Center

1443 S. St. Mary's
San Antonio, TX 78210

Website:  www.salsa.net/peace

tel: 210-224-HOPE (4673)

Contact:  Ann Helmke, Animating Director

E-mail: annhelmke@justice.com

Contact:  Susan Ives, Webmaster * suives@texas.net

Mission:  Focused on the vision of God's peace, the peaceCENTER supports the learning of peace in our lives and the demonstration of peace within our community.



Southeast Texans Organized for Peace

P.O. Box 6136
Beaumont, TX 77725

Website:  http://www.setforpeace.org

Contact: Tom Capo, Spokesperson

E-Mail: tcapo@houston.rr.com

Tel:  409-833-6883

Contact: Dean Tucker, Coordinator

E-Mail: revdeantucker@aol.com

Tel:  409-838-2901 (w) / 409-838-5505 (h)

Mission: We believe that non-violent conflict resolution through international institutions and binding agreements between nations is the best way to protect democracy and ensure human rights. We support the continued reduction of weapons of mass destruction and an end to the international weapons trade. We support efforts to rebuild nations that have been ravaged by war, and organizations that build bridges between cultures and nations by developing cooperative programs.

Meetings: STOP is now meeting the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at Our Lady of the Light Church, Laurel St. Beaumont (between 9th and 10 sts).



Texans Against War

Dallas, TX

Website: http://www.geocities.com/muscles598/TAW.html

E-Mail:  Muscles598@yahoo.com

Contact: Corey

Mission:  Stop America's hypocrisy NOW!  Demand True Freedom, and stop the corruption of our own regime.


Texans for Peace

5801 Westminster Dr.
Austin, TX 78723

Website: http://www.texansforpeace.org

Tel:  512-573-8627
E-Mail: info@texansforpeace.org

Contact:  Charlie Jackson, Chief Peaceworker * charliej@tnti.com

Mission: Our mission is simple, we're for "Texans who believe in peace and Peace in Texas!" Headquarted  in Austin, Texas we focus on the following areas:
1. Providing a central source for community peace organizations and information throughout Texas.
2. Developing curriculum and teacher training materials for schools throughout Texas.
3. Serving as "peace ambassadors" from Texas throughout the United States and the world.
4. Providing resources and assistance for growing peace and peace organization throughout Texas.




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