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[Editor's Note: Odd how DU is dangerous in the UK, but not in Iraq (US and UK are estimated to have used between 1000 and 2000 tons of DU in Iraq.) Here, 15 kilos is causing a "nationwide hunt." ]

Sunday Herald -

July 12, 2003

Van with depleted uranium stolen

By Neil Mackay, Home Affairs Editor

VAN loaded with depleted uranium (DU), which can be turned into a 'dirty bomb', has been stolen sparking a nationwide hunt.

The van contained 15 kilos of the nuclear waste. A police memo warning of the theft and headed 'Stolen Depleted Uranium' reads: 'Your attention is drawn to a stolen white Citroen Berlingo diesel van index T11 WOS. Vehicle stolen from Purfleet, Essex on 07.07.03

When stolen, vehicle contained 15kgs of depleted uranium. This material may become radioactive if ignited. Vehicle must not be approached by police.'

The intelligence services and armed forces have been alerted, and police are giving out few details.

The theft of the van, which was stolen from an industrial estate, triggered a nationwide alert to all police forces, who are now searching for the van.

Depleted uranium is used to make tank shells and has been blamed for causing a wide variety of illnesses, including cancers and birth defects.

It is believed that the keys were left in the ignition and the van was taken from an unnamed firm at Purfleet Industrial Estate. The company uses DU on a daily basis.

Essex police said the DU was in 'metallic form and the size of a wine bottle', adding it would pose a risk 'if you could generate enough heat, such as in an industrial kiln which could melt down metal and change its form'.

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