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Counter-Recruitment - March 15, 2005
Report from Southern Connecticut State University Antiwar Coalition

Another victory in the counter-recruitment campaign! after finding
out that the Marine Corps recruiters were "invited " back at SCSU for two
days this week, the Southern Antiwar Coaltion with only a day to prepare,
organized and made life extremely difficult for the Marines to get into any
conversations with Southern students. They were scheduled to be on campus
from about 9:30am to 2:30 pm on tues. 3.15.05, of course we only found out
about this on Mon the 14th, but calls went out as quickly as possible to get
at least a team together from the coalition to take them on today. Again as
on the Feb 23 counter day, WE arrived early and set up four tables with the
SCSU Antiwar banner that demands money for education not for war, we had
Campus Antiwar (CAN) literature about TROOPS HOME NOW, March 19 flyers for
this saturday's demo and rally in Hartford, along with info on the truth
about the military experience, and finally our flyer for the film screening
"Control Room" (3.16.05 7:30pm in the SCSU student center lounge wed.) was
prominent on our tables. We had only five of us out there but on such short
notice that was a very solid turnout. the marines got on campus late
10:15am, and when they only spoke to a few people that were already involved
in the armed services, they packed up at 11:50am, before the major rush from
12-2pm in the student center! That atmosphere was much different this time,
it did not have the feel of a demonstration, but not every time that we take
on the recruiters will be the same. having just five of us could have been
frustrating but in the end our ability to make it just about impossible for
two recruiters to do their job of getting working class men and women on
this campus to sign up for a bloodbath was an amazing lesson that we can
still win even when we are not at our strongest. Now we have to get a full
contingent of our forces organized and prepared for this thurs. 3.17.05!
without question they will come back, but so will we and this time we should
strive to make it impossible for them to even set up their table of
deception. Of course when we have tried to get some answers from the Career
Services at SCSU, the dept. that "invites" them on in the first place , we
have been ignored. That has got to change immediately so we are calling for
all allies to make a call to Career Services at 203-392-6536 and demand why
they are encouraging the armed forces, an institution that openly
discriminates against our gay, lesbian,bisexual, and transgender brothers
and sisters, onto a state university that is supposed to be an EOE: Equal
Opportunity Employer! And of course we should ask why the hell are they
here in the first place; getting killed in an illegal war is not an
opportunity! Working class students are doing everything in their power to
try to get a degree and with our tuition rates going up every semester for
four years and counting, the last thing in the world we want to see when
getting out of class and then going off to work are military liars selling


March 15, 2005 - page created by Charlie Jenks