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Making solar ovens workshop at Traprock Peace Center, July, 2004
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On Sunday July 18th the solar oven work shop took place here at Traprock Peace Center with much thanks to the rain for holding out as long as it did. Four ovens were made that Sunday plus the trial that was made a week previously making five ovens total. Joe and Jesse Kayan of Bear Mountain Builders were the two carpenters who designed the first oven based on plans from the internet and their own ideas. The two carpenters acquired the supplies for the oven, and lead the workshop. Sunny Miller and Katie Campbell-Nelson organized the workshop and prepared literature about solar ovens for it.

Two of the ovens will now be circulated to summer camps as a way for youth to learn about solar energy first hand. Designs for solar ovens constructed out of cardboard will also accompany the completed ovens as an option for youth to make their own ovens. Recipes and plans for solar ovens can be found at and at:

- Katie Campbell- Nelson, Intern, Traprock Peace Center

[Katie is a student at Earlham College and has been a wonderful intern at Traprock this summer. ]

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