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Obedience touted as "Spirit of America" -
Army show went to Worcester and is coming to Albany (September 24-25)

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Scott Schaeffer-Duffy of the Catholic Worker in Worcester, Massachusetts describes the Department of the Army's extravagant road show at the Worcester Centrum on Sept 10, 2004. Approximately 10,000 saw the production on the first outing outside Washington, DC.
School children as young as elementary school age, senior citizens and the disabled were bused in to see the show, "Spirit of America." A full orchestra, giant plasma screen, sound effects and soldiers in a variety of contemporary and historic military garb provided a multi-media experience. The story unfolds as a family reminisces around a kitchen table.

With early warning from Worcester Indy Media, and an invitation from the Catholic Workers, some sixty people demonstrated outside this modern, easily accessed arena. Indoors activists offered their leaflets, as soldiers offered glossy color brochures and invited students to climb aboard a fighting vehicle to have their picture taken.  Most students later provided their addresses so that pictures could be sent to them. We can be sure that recruiting brochures will be sent as well, while __ is appropriated for recruiting.

Meanwhile, some teachers snatched the peacemakers' leaflets out of the hands of students and rebuff students for speaking with them. According to Scott, not only was freedom of speech not celebrated (except in a brief and somewhat derisive portrayal of 'flower children') it was not tolerated at this military extravaganza.

Though the event was touted as a lesson in history and a 'free' event,  the taxpayer expenditure for the production, and the school committee's expenditure for buses are far from free.

The Army knows children aren't completely naive.  Some wounded soldiers were portrayed.  By Scott's accounts the qualities most celebrated were loyalty and obedience, not freedom and equality, not discourse and democracy.

For a report on the show in Worcester, see

The military's site on the show is found at

Sunny Miller, Traprock Peace Center

Action Alert: Getting Ready for a Road Show in Albany


How do we address this blatant recruiting for killing during a school day? Please come to the Pepsi Arena near Albany, New York on Friday, September 24 or Saturday, September 25. We plan to join a demonstration Friday morning at 51 South Pearl Street, Albany, New York.  For tickets to "the Spirit of America" call (518) 487-2000 or see   

After consulting with neighbors in New York, we prepared a banner, "Ask for the TRUTH about War."  Sally Shaw of Gill sends with us a case of the comic book, "Addicted to War" to be put directly in the hands of youths. We are also preparing hand-colored, enlarged  photographs to show the horrors of war from the perspective of children in a war zone.

We hope 30 by 40 inch images will be seen and understood from the street or school bus at a glance.  
Images will include the work of

Mark Frey, Christian Peacemaker Teams - Chicago Support Team

Alan Pogue.

Charlie Jackson with Texas for Peace shared tragic photos he’s been collecting.

Robert Fisk, has pictures worth a thousand words.

Mr. Takashi Morizumi photos tell the story of uranium’s effects in, “Children of the Gulf War; A Different Nuclear War” and

Mrs. Haruko Mritaki photos were published in the “Hiroshima Apeal for Banning DU Weapons.  

Together we’re a movement. We're grateful to neighbors with the Pioneer Valley War Tax Resisters who have donated $100 toward production costs. We welcome your contribution. We can hope these same students will soon discover activists from across the country who risk all for peace in Afghanistan, Iraq, the West bank, Chiapas, Guatemala, Panama, Haiti, Cambodia, etc.

Sunny Miller, Executive Director, 413-773-7427

September 24, 2004 - page created by Charlie Jenks