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"Depleted Uranium Casualties: Care Denied"

Dr. Doug Rokke, Ph.D.
Major (retired) United States Army Reserve
Former Director U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project

April 1, 2004

Although published U.S. Army regulations and "Medical Management of
Unusual Depleted Uranium Exposures" (Headquarters, Department of the Army, October
14, 1993) require that military medical treatment facility personnel provide
a radio-bioassay within 24 hours of depleted uranium contamination exposure
and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs directives also specify completion of a
radiobioasay followed by relevant medical care for all individuals who were
exposed to uranium contamination via inhalation, ingestion, absorption, or
wound contamination while:

"a. Being in the midst of smoke from DU fires resulting from the burning of
vehicles uploaded with DU munitions or depots in which DU munitions are being

b. Working within environments containing DU dust or residues from DU fires.

c. Being within a structure or vehicle while it is struck by DU munitions."
medical care has been willfully denied to the majority of DU casualties who
are supposed to receive care. Gulf War Review (Volume 12, No. 1, and U.S.
Department of Veterans Affairs) states that as of September 2003, only two hundred
and sixty two (262) veterans had been tested for depleted uranium exposures.
This is only a fraction of the 424 Gulf War 1 depleted uranium friendly fire
and recovery team veterans who were exposed to uranium contamination during
Gulf War 1 according to a September 28, 1998 briefing provided to President
William Clinton's Presidential Special Oversight Board under Senator Warren Rudman
by Office of Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses officials under the U.S.
Secretary of Defense. However the 424 number of exposed individuals is only a
fraction of the thousands of U.S. and U.S. coalition forces who were exposed
and it does not include thousands of Iraqi military personnel and none of the
thousands of civilians and non-combatants who were exposed during combat
operations, DU weapons manufacturing, or DU weapons testing.

While a small fraction of confirmed U.S. DU casualties have received
medical care, all other confirmed or suspected DU casualties have been and still
are being denied medical care. This required medical care must be provided to
all exposed individuals independent of whether they are combatants or
non-combatants. They must be provided immediate medical care now! The excuses must
stop! THE DENIAL OF MEDICAL CARE MUST STOP! But even when very limited medical
care has been provided to veterans, including myself, with U.S. Department of
Veterans Affairs service-connected disabilities they are billed for their
medical care and prescriptions. Then when they refuse to pay the illegal bill
they have received formal letters from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
officials threatening garnishment of their disability check to pay for service
connected medical care. This practice must stop.

In addition, the confirmed mismanagement and loss of individual military
service medical records and personnel records that has occurred at the U.S
Department of Defense National Records and ARPERSCOM / HSC under the command of
Colonel Debra Cook, U.S. Army, located in St. Louis Missouri must cease.

As the confirmed Gulf War 1 casualty count that including our nation's
finest sons and daughters exceeds 221,000 injured and/or ill with over 10000
dead and the confirmed Gulf War 2 casualty count exceeds 18,004 and over 600 dead
as of March 30, 2004 it is time for President George W. Bush, Secretary of
Veterans Affairs Anthony Principi, and Secretary of Defense William Rumsfeld to
solve the problems of denied, delayed, and ineffective medical care. It is
time for them to stop the billing of our nation's heroes for medical care they
earned while serving our nation!


April 5, 2004 - page created by Charlie Jenks