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A Veteran's Peace Symbol


Ward Reilly ( ) is a veteran living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a contributor to this website. See his latest opinion piece - The Failure of the US Free Press. Photo © 2004 Ward Reilly

Re: the Peace Symbol

March 2, 2004

My personal peace "symbol" is that of a turtle dragging a peace sign(no guessing about the symblism)...I have it tatooed on my arm, and I had some drums custom made with it inlaid in turquoise, and(yes there is a point to this chatter) I am sending you this photo of my backyard version of it...this is 35 feet long, and made of limestone fossil rock...the small airplanes that fly around Baton Rouge often pass over it, and it is probably a reference point for them...I personally hope that the aliens notice it when they pass by ( :>) )....haha...oh well, just another picture for your site if you want it...I built it 10 years ago, and my wife uses it for an herb garden....Peace from Ward

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