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The People are Coming - July 13-21 - Deerfield to Boston Walk.
Sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Wally Nelson Chapter; Social Concerns Committee of Mt. Toby Friends Meeting;
and Traprock Peace Center

See also press release and schedule.

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  This is the opening ceremony for the Deerfield to Boston walk. The ceremony was held on the morning of July 13, 2004 at the Old Deerfield cemetery. 
  Eric Wasileski, President of Wally Nelson Chapter of Veterans for Peace and Core Group member of Traprock Peace Center, is lead organizer of march. Ellen Evert Hopman, center, started a round of interfaith prayers. Her prayer was from the Pagan tradition.
Our friends at the New England Peace Pagoda are great at showing up and lending their support. Most of the time, they're the ones leading the walk. Sunny prepared the banner.
The walk started in the cemetary of Old Deerfield where settlers where buried after the 1704 raid by French and native Americans.The raid was one of many raids and counter-raids involving settlers, the English, French and natives - tragic losses of life for all sides. Indigenous peoples were nearly wiped out in New England, through war, enslavement, and genocidal acts (wiping out villages through military attacks or giving villages small pox infested blankets). Laws in Boston, albeit unenforced, are still on the books that require the arresting of any Native American who sets foot in the city. Efforts are being made to chance that law in time for the Democratic National Convention.
  Sunny Miller, Traprock Executive Director
  Sarah Thayer, middle, is on Traprock's executive committee. On left is Eve Brown-Waite, Director of Religious Education for All Souls Unitarian Church.
  The man on the left offered a prayer from the Jewish tradition.
  A Sufi prayer was shared.
  Greg, videographer and father, with his hands full.
  Isaac BenEzra, middle, with the Mass Senior Action Council