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Ad Hoc Committee Opposing War in Iraq

Eugene Children's Peace Academy

Klamath Basin Peace Forum

Oregon Peace Works

Portland Peaceful Response Coalition




Ad Hoc Committee Opposing War in Iraq

1245 8th St.

Clarkston, WA 99403-3329

  Website: http://www.npym.org/iraq/

  Tel: 1-509-758-7146

  Contact: Maia Genaux * iraq[at]npym.org

Mission: created by the North Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (NPYM) on July 28, 2002 to coordinate activities in opposition to the planned U.S. invasion of Iraq. NPYM has approximately 830 members in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. We invite the public to participate in activities sponsored by this Committee.  Our primary activity at this time is a signature campaign entitled "No to War in Iraq"


Eugene Children's Peace Academy

85250 McBeth Road

Eugene, OR  97405

Website: www.eugenepeaceacademy.org

tel: 541-685-1335

E-Mail: info[at]eugenepeaceacademy.org

Contact: Rebeccah White * rebeccahwhite[at]hotmail.com

tel: 541-684-4623

Mission: newly developing charter school dedicated to peace education, environmental sustainability, and multicultural expresive arts.


Klamath Basin Peace Forum

P.O. Box 1672

Klamath Falls, OR  97601

Website: peaceforum.dangeroushaiku

E-Mail:  kbpeaceforum[at]hotmail.com

Contact: Kirk Oakes

Tel: 541 882-5054

E-Mail: kirk[at]oregonwebdesign.com

Mission: To express solidarity with other people for peace.  To offer avenues for people of the Basin to educate themselves and others about peace To offer opportunities for spoken and activist responses for peace.


Oregon Peace Works

104 Commercial St NE

Salem, OR  97301

Website: www.oregonpeaceworks.org

tel: 503-585-2767

fax: 503-588-0088

E-Mail: opw[at]oregonpeaceworks.org

Contact: Yaney L.A. MacIver

E-Mail: Yaneyla[at]oregonpeaceworks.org


Portland Peaceful Response Coalition

P.O. Box 432

Portland, OR  97207

Website: www.portlandpeacefulresponse.org

tel:  503-471-1535

Mission: The PPRC is dedicated to stopping the cycle of
violence.  We mourn the innocent victims of the 9-11 attacks and the U.S. war on Afghanistan.  We call for compassionate reason in these times of fear, anger and uncertainty. We demand an end to the targeting of people of Middle Eastern heritage and people of color by the Bush Administration's "Homeland Security" and INS dragnets.  We condemn the assault on
Constitutional rights and the war-mongering of the government and the commercial news media.  We support the struggle for global economic justice.