The Peace House

2912 North Robinson

Oklahoma City, OK  73103

tel: 405-524-5577

fax: 405-524-5578

Contact: Nathaniel Batchelder * opsnews@aol.com


Tulsa Peace Fellowship

Tulsa, OK

Website:  http://www.tulsapeace.org

Contact: Nancy Moran * tulsapeace@hotmail.com

tel: 918-747-4525

Contact: Trevor Harrison * mind_like_water@yahoo.com

tel:  918-906-4767

Mission We are a group dedicated to breaking the endless cycle of violence and retaliation engendered by war.

Ongoing Peace Vigils:
Thursday 5:00-6:00 PM CDT @ Sen. James Inhofe's Office, 20th and Utica.
Friday 12:00-01:00 PM CDT @ Federal Building, 4th and Denver.
Saturday 01:00-02:00 PM CDT @Brookside, 35th and Peoria.