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From:     NYC Labor Against the War


Subject: [NYCLAW] Report:  1.15 Press Conference for 3.19   NYC Antiwar Demo

Date:      January 15, 2005 10:39:03 PM EST



Troops Out Now! - the Momentum is Building!


On Saturday, January 15, the anniversary of Dr. Martin

Luther King's birthday, activists and representatives from

dozens of labor, community, anti-war, and international

solidarity organizations joined veterans clergy and military

family members on the steps of New York City Hall to

announce their intention to march to Central Park on March

19 under the slogan, "Troops Out Now!"


Nearly one hundred activists assembled at City Hall despite

the bitter cold, carrying placards with pictures of Dr. King

and the words "Troops Out Now! March on Central Park, March



Speakers included:


*NY City Council Member Charles Barron

*Brenda Stokely, President, AFSCME DC 1707; Co-Convener, NYC

Labor Against the War (NYCLAW); Co-Chair, Million Worker March

*Larry Holmes, International Action Center

*Rev. Herbert Daughtry

*Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark

*Chris Silvera, Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 808;

President, Black Teamsters Caucus

*Leilani Dowell, Queers for Peace and Justice

*Kim Rosario, mother of a soldier currently stationed in


*Amos Hoff, New York AIDS Housing Network

*Nora Soul, Artists and Activists United for Peace

*Mel Stephens, ACT UP

*Nellie Bailey, Harlem Tenants Council


The coalition announced its plans to march to Central Park

on March 19 to demand the immediate, complete, and

unconditional withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Speakers

also stressed the importance of ending, not only the war in

Iraq, but the war against working people here in the U.S.

and the ongoing occupation of Haiti, Afghanistan, and



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NY 1 video of press conference:


Activists Gear Up To Protest Iraq War On 2nd Anniversary Of

Its Start


JANUARY 15TH, 2005 from NY1


Lawmakers and anti-war activists are planning to mark the

two year anniversary of the Iraqi war, by rallying in

Central Park.


City Council member Charles Barron joined dozens of

protesters in front of City Hall Saturday afternoon to

announce the event, which will be held on March 19th.


The group says the billions of dollars being spent on the

war should be better spent on health care, education, and



The protesters took time to honor the Reverend Martin Luther

King Jr., and say he would have been protesting with them,

if he were alive today.


"Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. who went beyond civil

rights, went to human rights in his anti-war stance against

the war in Vietnam, is appropriate for everyone who loves

Dr. King should be against the Iraqi the war today," said



"On March 19, 2005 second anniversary of this terrible

invasion and war in Iraq New York is going to rock. The

people of this city, the people of the surrounding area, are

going to march on Central Park," anti-war activist Larry



"We're going to be out there on the 19th; we're going to try

to get as many people about there, because most people, the

people they don't poll, those are the people that are

against the poll and they're going to be speaking up," said

Brenda Stokely of Million Worker March.


The group says they have already obtained a city permit for

the rally and march.





Newsday, January 16, 2005


Anti-war advocates plan March rally




On the birthday of civil rights activist the Rev. Martin

Luther King Jr., anti-war advocates yesterday demanded that

U.S. troops be withdrawn immediately from Iraq and announced

plans for a March 19 demonstration in Central Park.


"Mayor Bloomberg and President [George W.] Bush barred us

from holding a rally in Central Park during the Republican

convention. That was unnecessary, undemocratic,

unconstitutional and it's not going to happen this time,"

said City Councilman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn), referring

to the GOP national convention last summer.


Barron was joined on the steps of City Hall by former U.S.

Attorney General Ramsey Clark, the Rev. Herbert Daughtry of

Brooklyn and about 40 other anti-war activists from a group

called the Troops Out Now Coalition.


In the weeks and months before the convention, Central Park

became a controversial touchstone after the Parks Department

denied the umbrella activist group United for Peace and

Justice a permit to use the Great Lawn for a rally expected

to attract 250,000 people. The department said a crowd that

large would damage the lawn.


Dustin Langley, an organizer of yesterday's rally, said the

Troops Out Now Coalition applied last month for a permit to

march in Central Park and members of the group already have

met with Parks Department officials.


"We applied for the permit very early, so that if there is a

problem getting a permit we have plenty of time to deal with

that problem," Langley said. "Whether if it's by legal

action, whether we have to protest outside City Hall or

outside Bloomberg's house, [Police Commissioner] Ray Kelly's

house. Because we are going to the park one way or the



Participants in the march, scheduled for the second

anniversary of the day the U.S.-led coalition invaded Iraq,

are expected to step off at Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem and

head south to Central Park.


"We are being flexible. We have asked for several different

areas within the park," Langley said. "We are going in with

good faith. Central Park has become symbolic of civil



Kim Rosario of Bushwick, whose son, Pvt. Joshua Morales,

19, has been stationed since September in Ramadi, Iraq, was

one of many speakers at the rally, which rang with chants of

"Bring the troops home now" and the display of signs

demanding the same. She said true support for the troops

does not come with just putting a magnet on your car.


"If you truly support our troops, you want them to come home

and be safe," Rosario said. "You would speak out and write

to politicians, march, you'd protest, because they don't

belong there. Bring the troops home now."


Copyright 2005, Newsday, Inc.




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Troops Out Now

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