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Protests against war, occupation and empire - August 29, 2004

500,000 protested in New York City on August 29, 2004, with many staying to protest during the week of the Republican National Convention. A small photo album, with audio, from the day of mass protest follows.

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Hear street interviews (mp3 audio): arrests of bicycle protesters (5:33 minutes; 2 mb) and Food Not Bombs interview (4:27 minutes, 1.6 mb - before broken up by police). People with dial-up connections may wish to download entire file (or at least most of it) before playing or it may stop during play. If your computer cannot play an mp3 file, you may Download the Free Quicktime Player for audio

rnc29aug04 003

The police stopped about 50 bicycle riders and arrested them. Here an interview by Sunny Miller with a participant, who said that the police - using plainclothes officers on motor scooters - had harrassed the bicyclists who were riding peacefully toward the main protest march.

rnc29aug04 005
rnc29aug04 006
rnc29aug04 009

rnc29aug04 011

Neil MacKay of the Sunday Herald (Scotland) interviewing a bicylist who had avoided arrest.

rnc29aug04 013
Part of the mass protest.
rnc29aug04 015
rnc29aug04 018
rnc29aug04 019
rnc29aug04 020
rnc29aug04 022
rnc29aug04 023
Hear some of the sounds of protest (53 seconds; 300 K mp3 file)

rnc29aug04 024

The police moved in on demonstrators toward the end of the march.

rnc29aug04 026
rnc29aug04 027
Mounted Police move in.

rnc29aug04 029

Some protesters gathered outside of Broadway plays, where delegates were being taken for shows. The shows were started an hour early to try to avoid delegates having to face protests.

rnc29aug04 030
rnc29aug04 031
rnc29aug04 032
rnc29aug04 033
rnc29aug04 034
Some put on their own shows outside of the theaters.
rnc29aug04 035
rnc29aug04 040
The Theater Distrist was filled with protesters well into the evening.
rnc29aug04 041
Neil MacKay and Sunny Miller interviewing an organizer for Food Not Bombs. The police broke up the interview as it was "blocking" traffic on the sidewalk.