New York


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Bronx Action for Justice and Peace (BAJP)  (Bronx)

Brooklyn Parents for Peace  (Brooklyn)

Citizens' Alternative Voice  (Oneonta)

East End Peace and Justice - Long Island  (Delmar)

Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR)  (Nyack)

Global Justice and Peace  (New York)

Global Youth Action Network (New York)

Hearts of Jesus and Mary  (Dalton)

International Action Center - NY  (New York)

Madre  (New York)

Muslim Peace Fellowship  (Nyack)

Not In Our Name!  (New York)

Peoples' Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle    


Riverside Church Peace Disarmament Ministry  (New York)

A Show for the People  (New York)

Upper Hudson Peace Action  (Greenville)
Voices in the Wilderness - NY
 (New York)

War Resister's League (WRL)  (New York)

Women Against War  (Albany)

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

      (WILPF)  (New York)




Bronx Action for Justice and Peace (BAJP)

Bronx, NY


Contact: Heidi Hynes


Tel: 718-583-1765

Contact: Mark Van Hollebeke *



Brooklyn Parents for Peace

434 Henry Street
Brooklyn, NY  11231


  Contact: Carolyn Eisenberg, Co-Chair

Citizens' Alternative Voice

15 Mountain View Drive

Oneonta, NY 10960


tel: 607-263-5817

Contact: Paddy Lane or David Grodsky

Outreach Committee:

Carole Satrina *

Tel: 607 432-6842

Mission: an anti-war & and pro-human rights organization We hold a weekly peace vigil on Main Street on Mondays, 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. We also meet once a week to plan different forms of political action: sponsoring forums featuring anti-war activists, such as speakers from Voices in the Wilderness; sponsoring buses to demonstrations in Washington DC; sending delegations to our local political representatives ; hosting anti-war information tables at public events, etc. We held a very successful 3 hour candlelight vigil on Human Rights Day.  We think it is important that all the small groups like ours across the country - we have a core activist group of 30-40 and a list-serve of 150 - are counted.


East End Peace and Justice - Long Island

Delmar, NY

Contact: Gerry Mooney

tel: 518-439-1633?

Contact: helen Fitzgerald *


Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR)


Box 271

Nyack, NY 10960

Contact: Hossein Alizadeh *

Tel: 845-358-4601

Fax: 845-358-4924



Global Youth Action Network [Affiliate]

211 East 43rc Street, Suite 903

New York, NY  10017



Tel: 212-661-6111

Contact:  Benjamin Quinto *


Hearts of Jesus and Mary

10979 New Road

Dalton, NY  14836



Contact: Dawn Vaname
Mission:  To help spread unity through the truth of the Catholic Faith.

Project: Website includes a 'No War' discussion board.


International Action Center - New York

39 West 14th Street

New York, NY 10011


  Tel: 212-633-6646 

Contact: Sarah Flounders

  To read about the San Francisco Office, Click here.




121 West 27th Street #301

New York, NY 10001



   Tel:  212-627-0444

    Fax:  212-675-3704

   Contact:  Vivian Stromberg, Executive Director

   Tel:  212-627-0444

   Mission: MADRE is an international women’s human rights organization

    that works in partnership with women’s community-based groups worldwide

    to address issues of health, education, economic development and other

    human rights.

    Projects:   Every Child Has a Name is our current campaign against the

    war in Iraq. Please see for other projects in Latin America,

    Africa and the Middle East.


Muslim Peace Fellowship

Box 271

Nyack, NY  10960


Contact: Rabia Harris


Not In Our Name!

c/o WILPF, 339 Lafayette Street

New York, NY  10115


Contact: Flip Crimson


Peoples' Music Networkfor Songs of Freedom and Struggle (PMN/SFS)

c/o Sarah Underhill, 1150 Berne Road

Kerhonkson, NY  12446



contact: Sarah Underhill *

tel: 845-626-4507


Riverside Church Peace Disarmament Ministry /

Global Justice and Peace

501 West 123rd Street #21G

New York, NY  10027

Contact:  Kathleen Todd *

tel: 212-663-2230


A Show for the People

  New York, NY


  Mission: A New York based alternative media website / TV show: dealings

  with expressions of ideas and anti-war feelings of we the people of New York

  post-9/11.  Tune to Channel 67 Time-Warner Cable or Channel 110 on RCN

  Cable every Monday Night at 10 pm to experience a different rendering of

  this world.


Upper Hudson Peace Action

22 Timber Point Road

Greenville, New York, 12083

Contact: Paul & Katja Rehm *

Tel: 518-966-5366

Fax: 518-239-6341


Veterans Against Iraq War (VAIW)

545 West 111 St., #9M
New York, NY 10025-1970



Tel:  212-866-1114

Contact: Stewart Nusbaumer


Voices in the Wilderness - NY

West Side Jesuit Community
220 West 98th Street, Apt. 4E
New York, NY 10025-5669

Contact: Simon Harak, S.J. *

Tel: 646-644-7079

Fax: fax: 240-220-8209


War Resister's League (WRL)


339 Lafayette Street

New York, NY  10012


Contact: Carmen Trotta 

Tel: 212-228-0450

Fax: 212-228-6193


Women Against War

79 Central Avenue

Albany, NY  12206



Tel:  518-522-7675; 518-465-1597

Fax:  518-465-1598

Contact: Ms. Erin O'Brien, Organizer

Tel: 518-452-6369; 518-522-7675

Mission: To empower girls and women to stop war and demand social justice. (Longer statement of purpose and mission can be found at web site).


Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)


339 Lafayette Street

New York, NY  10012

tel: 212-533-2125