Walk and Talk Monday on stopping war against Iran

Walk & Talk, Monday; Iran! Leaves & Leaving:
The aircraft carrier fleet Eisenhower left Norfolk, Virginia for the Persian
Gulf on Tuesday, Oct. 3. You can make a difference … Monday afternoon as
traffic flows, we are out over the highways! Need a sign or banner?
413 773-7427

Friends, it’s a season to Walk & Talk:

Please call your media and ask for news about naval attack fleets headed
toward Iran, and for front-page, top-of-the-hour news on how people are
working to prevent a nuclear war with Iran: 2 friends, calling 2 friends, 20
times = a million calls to the media. Silence is not golden on this one!

MONDAY, Oct. 9 – at the Woolman Hill Meeting House, reflect on,

Please come to the beautifully restored Friends meeting house on Woolman
Hill, this Columbus Day. Following a work-week-end on Woolman Hill, Traprock
invites you for a hike in the woods at 5pm, followed by simple soup at 6,
and deep reflection at 6:30. As we spend time this week-end in community, on
land we love, perhaps the wide skies will invite a unified change, that is
as dramatic as the leaves.

DIRECTIONS: We are 1/2 mile south of Greenfield off Route 5 & 10, at the
top of the Hill, on Keets Road. You’ll see blue signs for Woolman Hill on 5
& 10. (Deerfield, MA)

MORE Details are on the calendar –

~ Arlington East, Fri. & Sat. Oct. 13 & 14, all day, Cape Cod National

~ Five Rivers Council Sat. Oct. 14, 1-7pm, quarterly meetings Franklin
County. The first inaugural meeting is at the Four Rivers Charter School,
248 Colrain Road, near Greenfield Community College.

~ Walk to Entergy Headquarters with Bread & Puppet Theater, Mon. Oct. 16,
Brattleboro, VT. We ask for radiation monitors for schools and healthcare
facilities in a 50 mile radius. Affinity groups are forming. Come support
the traditions of the Clamshell Alliance, Traprock, CAN, and the VT
Decommissioning Alliance!

~ “Sir, NO Sir!” Fri. Oct. 20, 7pm Wide Angle Films, Nacul Center, 592 Main
St, Amherst. Be inspired to see the extent of GI resistance to the Vietnam
war–The truth may set us free. Thanks, Bob, Roger, Emily, Steve, & Annie!

~ “Give Peace a Chance” Youth Talent & Peace Fest on Conscientious
Objection, Nov. 11 – Calling all youth! Location to be announced.


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

So much is changing. The aircraft carrier fleet Eisenhower left Norfolk,
Virginia for the Persian Gulf on Tuesday, Oct. 3. How can we prevent
expansion of empire to a breaking point that could devastate lives in Iran,
and here as well. If what goes around comes around, and if we allow our
government to proceed to attack nuclear reactors in Iran, our 104 reactors
here could be targeted soon. How do we impress upon the media, and insist
through our spending patterns that the majority of US respondents want
nuclear disarmament. How do we get front-page coverage to stop the charades?

We know how thoroughly people tried to prevent the US attacks on Iraq. We
can’t do all that again and watch another massacre follow! We need practical
wisdom to recall the aircraft carriers and attendant naval attack fleets
back from a deadly mission, and public pressure to send them instead with
medicines and aid for Iraq. Which community leaders can help now to build a
new bridge, to exit this nightmare of war and degradation?

As Joanna Macey calls us to heed and welcome a great turning, let’s heed the
great turnings within. At 6:30, the peace and care of the meeting house,
restored stick by stick after being moved from North Dartmouth, invites some
deep and practical wisdom. Please come to share. Please invite a neighbor.

On leaves & leaving: Woolman Hill wants to use
our building. It looks like we’ll need to vacate by by June 1.
Time for a Peace Bus? Have a suggestion, some land to give?

Because it isn’t enough to deplore torture and military attacks.
See you out in the streets, sharing news at parties,
walking and talking. Together we give peace a chance!

Thanks for caring.
Sunny Miller

For a Neighbors Network to End War
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342