Veterans Day – Give Peace a Chance – Nov 11 – Greenfield

This fall we Give Peace a Chance
with every conversation.
The buzz is we need
to move by June 1!

Can you spread the word & help us find ONE $1000 donor
in each state for MOVING & MOVEMENT work. We invite gifts
of property needing rehab. Ground your peace movement
with a gift of property, a kindness for Generations to come.
Thanks for working to end war & build justice.

Nov. 7, 2006

Wed. Nov. 8 – ‘VIEQUEZ, Worth Every Bit of Struggle,’
Neighbors in Shelburne Falls, host at 7PM the Reel World Shelburne Falls at
the Arms Library. This film brings alive the David & Goliath struggle by
the people of Viequez, Puerto Rico who succeeded in non violently stopping
the US Navy’s toxic use of their island for testing of bombs & invasions.
Discussion follows.

Thur. Nov. 9, Coalition for a Strong United Nations membership meeting. At
6pm address important issues facing the United Nations, at the Wainwright
Bank Watertown Square Community meeting room. Discuss “Human Rights in
Prison” With Kazi Toure, CoChair of the National Jericho Movement.
This discussion will be prepare us for the upcoming Human Rights Conference
on Sunday, December 10, at the Boston Public Library.

2-7 PM, Second Congregational Church,
By the Town Hall and Town Common in Greenfield
Peace lovers, peace activists, families and especially youth are invited to
share their talents to, ‘Give Peace a Chance!”

A. Musicians, drummers, dancers, word-smiths, movement masters move the
movement! YES, we are a growing movement! Raise your voice, raise your flag.
Vigil with us in Greenfield on the Common, or in Sunderland at 116 & 47.

B. Builder & carpenter Joe Cayan will help build signs for use on town
commons this fall, dramatizing the local costs of producing nuclear weapons.
Thanks to the National Priorities Project, we can see the costs to each of
our towns (

C. Frances Crowe advises us How to build your C.O. File.
This afternoon program provides an opportunity to share energy and
inspiration, as well as practical tools to take back to our schools,
town commons and faith communities.

D. Do it! Young artists! Inspired talents move the movement!
Please submit a drawing to dramatize the things better to get than nuclear
weapons with $480 million dollars in taxes to be paid by Massachusetts
taxpayers in 2007! Choose a peace prize from the table as a thank-you for
your art.

E. TEA PARTY – A hero in our midst likes the idea of a new Boston Tea
Party, in which we sit EVERYwhere and discuss ‘How to Extricate Ourselves
from the War Machine.’ Pass the talking stick in your circle then role play
with one of two ad hoc affinity group, where you would like to sit, and with

F. Super soup supper – bring your pot-luck salad or main course to
contribute to the feast, or $5 for a feast. Peter Letson is making sweet
potato soup for 40.

G. Gee whiz, Juanita will join us, and read her wonderful poem, ” Turn
Loose the Line,” about letting go. Make a donation for an signed copy.

H. Hear keynote remarks and Musical volunteers right after supper.
For more information or to volunteer, please call Traprock Peace Center,
413-773-7427, in a Neighbors Network to End War.

9 am – 4 pm, 2 N. Main St., Sherborn, MA (
Share practical, effective, non-violent ways to work and succeed developing
personal and community based strategies that honor the importance of “inner
peace” while creating the environment for peace in our communities and the
world. $25 faculty; $5 student.

Sun. Nov. 12 – Please join us at Mt. Holyoke College’s Gamble Auditorium on
at 3 pm to see and hear Moazzam Begg, a former detainee at Guantánamo Bay,
via videoconference from the U.K. More details about the event are below.

Thurs. Nov. 16 – Traprock Peace TV – Artists and community leaders of ALL
ages are invited to help restore our right to HABEAS CORPUS, recently
harmed by legislation in the US Congress. Readers, painters, print-makers,
or anyone willing to dabble, please call to volunteer. Cameras likely to
roll at 2:30, but we have the studio open for the day. 413 773-7427.

More details, photos, essays at


Fri. Dec. 1 – Get involved in the struggle against Poverty, Racism, Sexism,
Violence & War and help organize Rosa Parks Human Rights Day on Dec. 1 in
Roxbury, MA. For more information: 617-524-3507 – –

Sun. Dec. 10 International Human Rights Day,
Please call Congress this week, 202-224-3121, so that by this
date we can celebrate that Congress will REPEAL legislation attempting to
withdraw our human right of HABEAS CORPUS. Please word search John Warner
Defense Authorization Act of 2007 and the Military Commissions Act of 2006.

** Are we dreaming or having a nightmare? **

Sun. Dec. 10 – Coalition for a Strong U.N. Human Rights Conference, Boston
from 1pm to 5pm, at the Boston Public Library in Copley Square. We are
looking forward to lively discussions and hope you can come. Also we have
started sending a monthly e-mail newsletter with local UN related events,
informative short articles and actions to take to support the United
Nations. Call us at our new phone number 617 304-6555 to give us your e-mail
address if you do not receive the Newsletter.

Best regards,
Sunny Miller, 413-773-7427
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road, Deerfield, MA 01342

in a Neighbors’ Network to End War