Urgent Appeals re: Vernon, VT Reactor

Urgent Appeals re Vernon Reactor
November, 2005

1. Direct Action: Urgent Appeals re the Vernon Reactor
2. WXOJ airs EMERGENCY EVACUATION issue Monday, 6pm
3. Why we need real-time radiation monitors: in all area schools, healthcare
facilities, & for the car-less, in a 50-mile radius.
4. What You can do
5. CALLS are urgently needed

1. Direct Action: Urgent Appeals re the Vernon Reactor

Perhaps you read the news this weekend that the NRC staff has given
preliminary approval to Entergy, moving along the process towards
Possible approval of an uprate entailing a 20% increase in electrical
output, increased operating temperatures, increased water and steam
pressures, intensified mechanical stresses and increased radioactive

On Mon 11/7, at 10am five women from Massachusetts will make urgent appeals
to Entergy Nuclear for a thorough safety assessment of the Vernon reactor,
wider evacuation planning, and funding for real time radiation monitoring in
all schools and medical facilities a 50-mile radius. Entergy spokesman Rob
Williams says officials will not meet with us. We will go to the Entergy
offices and await their willingness to meet with us. Demonstrations of
support are welcome. There are some parking restrictions, so you may want to

We’ll be at Entergy offices in Brattleboro, 223 Old Ferry Road.
From the valley take 91 North to Exit 3.
Go around the circle to 5North.
Proceed to first light. Turn Right onto Old Ferry Rd.
Pass food store, UPS, car dealer, to the ENTERGY Nuclear office.


103.3 FM Northampton, & at
51:22 minutes: 23.6 mb; 64 kbps mono

At the New England Coalition Nuclear Institute, held at the School for
International Training on Oct. 29, Ed Russell taped an important commentary
on initiatives neighbors are taking near the Pilgrim reactor in Plymouth, to
address emergency evacuation issues. (Pilgrim is also owned by Entergy

Mary Eliazbeth Lampert of Duxsbury ( http://www.pilgrimwatch.org )
explained that with help from public grants, highways have been marked to
indicate best evacuation routes. Schools and other public buildings were
assessed for their potential as radiation shelters. Wooden buildings provide
only 20% dose reduction. Masonry buildings can provide 80% shielding.
Basements and interior spaces provide the best protection. In a radiological
emergency windows provide little protection. Lampert questions the ability
of school administrators and evacuation planners to assess in advance
whether putting kids on buses and having them sit in a traffic jam will be
better than locking down a building to reduce inhalation and exposures.

Many schools are welcome centers. In the event of an emergency during school
hours, administrators must choose between protecting their students by
locking down the building to prevent radiation contamination, or opening the
doors to admit evacuees and contamination. Therefore to be prepared, new,
fully-equipped radiological evacuation centers at a great distance from each
of the nation’s reactors must be designated, staff must be designated, and
centers must be stocked with some provisions in advance.

Pilgrim area neighbors are pressing for distribution of potassium iodine
(PI) tablets to the entire, local population. We believe that since
radiation health effects are carried on the wind with no consideration for
lines on any map, distribution of PI should be nationwide, to protect
against just one of the quickest acting contaminants.

Thanks to Ed Russell of http://activeingredients.org this commentary airs at
6 pm Monday on WXOJ, 103.3 FM Northampton, and thanks to Charlie Jenks the
commentary will be posted at http://www.traprockpeace.org
Thank you NEC staff and volunteers! http://www.necnp.org
More issues at http://www.nukebusters.org

3. Why we need real-time radiation monitors:
in all area schools, healthcare facilities, for the car-less, in a 50 mile
radius — Appeal sent through Mr.Rob Williams, spokesperson, 802, 258-4181,
rwill23@entergy.com (and soon to Mr. Larry Smith, Community relations, 802

From Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342
November 4, 2005

To Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee
223 Old Ferry Road
Brattleboro, VT 05302

Dear Sirs,

I write to request a meeting to discuss concerns about the health
effects of the proposed uprate at the Vernon reactor. In a phone
conversation today was glad to hear your spokesperson, Mr. Williams express
concern for safety during a demonstration on Monday morning, but I suspect
that your concern for traffic safety is a bit misplaced. I don’t expect a
large group to demonstrate on a Monday morning.

I ask for a meeting to discuss with you a pressing need for radiation
monitoring equipment for all schools, and medical facilities in a 50-mile
radius of the Vernon reactor, and for all residents without cars. Mr.
Williams assures us that the industry is thoroughly regulated, but after the
fact, no NRC fines or closure of facilities will adequately address
radiation exposures during an accident. School administrators need accurate
and exact radiation monitoring on site, in order to decide whether to impose
a lock down with closure of entrances and windows at schools, and removal of
children from classrooms with windows to interior hallways and more
protected areas such as basements; or to work instead to achieve evacuation
on roads that may be veritable parking lots, when everyone who has a car
tries to leave an area at the same time. Because wind directions vary
greatly in our hills and valleys, on site monitoring at your perimeter will
be of quite limited value.

In addition we can’t trust government sources of information. For
example our understanding of the 3-day delay in evacuating women and
children after the accident at Three Mile Island; the federal government’s
long-standing traditions of brutality and misinformation during atomic
testing; and other, more recent non-disclosures of information regarding
contamination at reactors cause us to insist that we need accurate and local
access to radiation monitoring immediately.

Please meet with me and with my neighbors who share these concerns on
Monday morning. Because I fully expect that all the employees at the Vernon
reactor and Entergy Nuclear hold the welfare of our communities and our
nation in high regard, I ask that you reconsider your decision to meet with
no one on Monday morning. I am reachable by voice mail message, and will
look forward to hearing from you by phone, or in person on Monday when I
hope to visit your offices. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.


Sunny Miller, Executive Director, 413-773-7427
(cc’d to responsible & concerned neighbors)
PS Underlying other news of the day this question remains:
What wouldn’t you do to prevent a melt-down and an evacuation?
Truth matters – Labors matter – Gifts matter
in a Neighbors’ Network to End War

For more information you can also contact

Sally Shaw, Gill acer8sac@crocker.com 413 863-4992
Nina Keller, Millers Falls ninakeller@crocker.com


Legislators must

? immediately legislate for Research & Development to implement renewable,
clean replacement power sources
? initiate legislation to change the evacuation plans from the meager 10
mile radius to a 50-mile minimum radius
? advocate for Entergy to provide real-time radiation monitors for all
schools and healthcare facilities in a 50-mile radius of the Vernon reactor
? support health studies that analyze the increase in cancers, thyroid
disorders and immune deficiencies
? support additional studies which will test soil, water, fish and milk for
? initiate studies of radiation impacts on fish reproduction in the CT River
? immediately intervene to object to the reactor restarting with the hotter
fuel rods. The aged nuclear facility is nearing its 40-year license
termination and must not be allowed to uprate or re-license without an
in-depth, independent safety assessment as provided at Maine Yankee.

Let legislators know that

? we are a majority of constituents who want them to slow down the uprate
process until our concerns are answered
? the nuclear licensing and oversight process harms democracy: Citizens
feel disenfranchised from their rightful role in setting standards of health
and safety for industry to follow. Regarding re-licensing and uprate issues,
we feel a deep sense of frustration, loss of hope and loss of control over
our safety, property and lives.
? we are outraged that mothers & grandmothers must risk arrest in order to
bring their concerns to the industry that potentially threatens their
family’s right to health and safety.
? we demand an end to further production of highly radioactive waste until
a safe isolation system can be found that will endure for hundreds of
thousands of years.

VT. House: 802 828-2228 Senate: 802 828-2241
MA. House: 617 722-2000 Senate: 617 722-1455
NH. House: 202 225-3121 Senate: 202 224-3121
U.S. House: 202 225-3121 Senate: 202 224-3121
It is crucial that we ask local public officials to speak up about
readiness to cope with an evacuation emergency:
We can ask Healthcare Providers, Emergency Responders,
School Administrators & Nurses, Town Hall & Boards of Health.
What is your destination if there is a fire in the spent fuel pool? Will our
phones work if we ALL have urgent questions during an emergency? Who do you
know who doesn’t drive? What if you’re out of the area when your pre-teen
needs to evacuate from their soccer game in Northfield, Deerfield,
Northampton, Turners Falls? What if buses are needed in Bernardston, but
preoccupied with taking kids home on their usual routes?


Perhaps you can call local officials to ask how one can ascertain current
Radiation levels. My local hospital emergency room has a radiation monitor.
The hard working supervisor on the night shifts invites me to call Monday
through Friday to ask Mr. Fred Callahan my questions about how many first
responders or members of the public can be decontaminated per hour. Many
calls to your federal and state legislators expressing concerns

Many State Legislative Representatives have written to the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission expressing concerns and reservations about the
proposal to increase risks at the Vernon reactor. They need to hear from
constituents to affirm that preventing further risks and harm are a priority
for a majority of their electorate.

Have you thanked them, or urged them to take a strong position? We require a
thorough independent safety assessment like the thorough analysis done at
Maine Yankee. We require thorough testing and inspection of components,
rather than a cursory glance at systems and abstract analysis on paper.

Summary contact info including STATE REPS:

VT. House: 802 828-2228 Senate: 802 828-2241
MA. House: 617 722-2000 Senate: 617 722-1455
NH. House: 202 225-3121 Senate: 202 224-3121
U.S. House: 202 225-3121 Senate: 202 224-3121

Some detailed contact info:


Senator Edw. Kennedy… 202 224- 4543
Sen. John Kerry… 202 224- 2742

Rep. John Olver… 202 225- 5335
Rep. Richard E. Neal… 202 225- 5601
Rep. James McGovern 202 225-6101
Rep. Barney Frank 202 225- 5931
Rep. Martin Meehan 202 225-3411
John Tierney 202 225-8020
Rep. Ed Markey 202 225-2836
Rep Michael Capuano 202 225-5111
Rep. Stephen Lynch 202 225-8273
Rep. William Delahunt 202 225-3111


Senator Patrick J. Leahy 202-224-4242
Fax 202-224-3479 senator_leahy@leahy.senate.gov

Senator James M. Jeffords 202-224-5141
Fax 202-228-0776 http://jeffords.senate.gov/contact.html

Representative Bernard Sanders 202-225-4115 202-225-6790

New Hampshire

Senator Judd Gregg 202-224-3324
Fax 202-224-4952 http://gregg.senate.gov/sitepages/contact.cfm

Senator John Sununu 202-224-2841
Fax 202-228-4131 mailbox@sununu.senate.gov

Representative Jeb Bradley 202-225-5456
Fax 202-225-5822 http://www.house.gov/bradley/contact.html

Representative Charles F. Bass, II 202-225-5206
Fax 202-225-2946 cbass@mail.house.gov

We ask you to pick up the phone to ask your questions, locally and
nationally, of the media, of administrators, of reps, on behalf of our
families, our grandchildren, the birds & the bees, … we work for the
beloved community, and to preserve these lands, these communities we love.

Best regards,

Sunny Miller, Executive Director
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342

The nuclear age is at our doorstep, knocking.
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