Traprock Peace Action Report – May – 2006

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Dear Friends, Singing the praises of friendship.
Glad for the time of friends, and the music no others make.
Singing in the rain, singing your praises, as governments fail us
Some reprieve — the cool, green lets the black flies sleep!
We wear slickers and ponchos … Mothers birth babies!
We walk in the midst of leaves.
We hug. The lilacs bloom.

1. Join us — Sat/Sun Walk to & Demo at Entergy;
2. Mothers Day for Mother Earth, Northampton
3. Mothers Day in DC
4. Don’t Attack Iran — Petitions to DC;
5. Celebrating HS Peace Makers!
6. Memorial Days
7. NRC Scoping Meetings – June 7


1. Walk and Free Speech Demo at Entergy Nuclear HQ,
“Join Us!” anytime during this 24-hour, spring, full moon demo
saying NO melt down in this valley, as Entergy goes to 120%.

Reddy Kilowatt joins No-Nukes Movement!
Saturday May 13 – Sunday May 14
Moms speak up, here & by phone

Neighbors in Greenfield, Gill, Deerfield, Leverett, Shelburne Falls, Shutesbury, Massachusetts and South Londonderry, Vermont invite you to join us at a demonstration in front of Entergy Nuclear’s offices on Old Ferry Road, (north of exit 3 in Brattleboro) on Saturday and Sunday, May 13 or 14. Come when it suits you.

At noon on Saturday walkers will gather at the Wells Fountain in Brattleboro, at the junction of Linden and Main Streets. The walk will take Route 5 north through town to Entergy Nuclear Offices, rain or shine. Organizers recommend participants wear bright clothes and sturdy shoes, and bring water and snacks as needed. Signs will be available to carry. (Always nice surprises on a peace walk — Tim–shonin is coming!)

At 2 pm at the Entergy offices, the puppet, “Reddy Kilowatt” will announce he has decided to join the anti-nuclear movement, admitting that he was wrong about, “too cheap to meter.” Musicians are invited to celebrate his conversion. (Beth Adams will bring her guitar at about 6.)

At 3 pm Carol Boyer from Interhelp offers activities to tap into energy and compassion to sustain active citizens for the long haul. Carol is an art therapist from Florence, Mass, connected with the deep ecology movement for ten years. Interhelp is an all-volunteer, international group of activists and people who care about the future. If it’s raining at 3 we’ll use a motel.

At 5 pm we’ll share a pot-luck supper, followed by planning for activities for June. Affinity groups are welcoming new members!

An all-night vigil follows, with excursions for soup and tea throughout the night. On Sunday morning share a pot-luch brunch as free speech continues, with a talking stick passed to all who wish to speak. The 24-hour Free Speech Demonstration concludes at 2pm Sunday, May 14, which is Mothers’ Day.

Since November 2005, monthly actions and rallies have brought increased public awareness of continuing and increasingly hazardous operations at Vermont Yankee Nuclear Reactor in Vernon, VT only 6 miles away from Brattleboro.

A variety of resources explaining the dangers and risks of nuclear reactors and their waste can be found at and For information on the walk call Citizens Awareness Network at 413-339-5781 or 413-863-8952. For information about the 24-hour Free Speech Demo call Traprock Peace Center at 413-773-7427.

The Strawberry Full Moon is Sunday June 11.
2pm to 2 pm

Mothers Day for Mother Earth,
in Northampton

The 7th annual area-wide peace and justice march and rally in celebration
of Mother’s Day will be held from noon until 2 p.m. this coming Sunday, May
14, in Northampton. Organized by the Women’s Congress for Peace, the event
is entitled “Mother’s Day for Mother Earth.” It will focus on working
together for “A World for the Children,” based on non-violence, diversity,
true democracy, environmental justice, and a sustainable economy.

Led by a women’s drumming band, the march will start at the Bridge Street
School (Route 9), and end with prose, poems, and song at the Hestia Mural
in downtown Northampton; or at Pulaski Park, for those with young children.
For more information, contact Emily Lewis at (413) 256-1760.

3. ————————————————–

Mother’s Day in DC with CODEPINK!

Code Pink will be gathering in Washington DC for a 24-hour vigil outside
the White House on May 13-14, and will be joined by amazing
celebrity actresses, singers, writers, and moms, including Cindy
Sheehan, Patch Adams, and Susan Sarandon! Bring your mother,
children, grandmothers, friends, and loved ones. We will be
honoring the mothers of the fallen by sending them organic
roses. Click here to send your rose! We’re also writing letters
to Laura Bush to appeal to her own mother-heart, turning
them into a book, “Letters to Laura.”

How can we possibly let another war be aunched. As some point the baby boomers will have lived enough to say, no more. We will simply insist with every fiber of our lives. Are other groups ready to step up to the White House when Code Pink steps down? Can you or your group send a delegation?

4. ————————————————–

Don’t-Attack-Iran Petition
to the White House

Thursday, May 18, 1-3 p.m. ET
Lafayette Square Park, Washington D.C.
We will be joining with a Pray-In held by the Network of Spiritual
Progressives to deliver to the White House all of the signatures and
comments posted below the petition at

*Join* Cindy Sheehan and representatives of many of these groups:
After Downing Street, Gold Star Families for Peace,
CODE PINK, Progressive Democrats of America,, Traprock Peace Center,
Global Exchange, Velvet Revolution,
Democracy Rising, Truthout,
OpEdNews, Backbone Campaign,
Consumers for Peace, Campus Antiwar Network,
The Young Turks, Citizens for Legitimate Government,
Counter Punch, United for Peace and Justice,
Stop the War Coalition, This Can’t Be Happening,
Voters Evolt, Springs Action Alliance,
Radio News America, International Socialist Organization,
OrbStandard, Thom Hartmann Show,
Voters for Peace, Environmentalists Against War,
U.S. Peace Council, Grandmothers for Peace,
Justice Through Music, Campaign Against Sanctions &
Voice International, Military Intervention in Iran,
World Can’t Wait, The Rational Response Squad,
Idriss Stelley Foundation, Bush Free Zone,
Foundation for the Development of Human Resources, Tbilisi, Georgia,
Political Cooperative, City Sites,
Agir contre la guerre (France) Americans Against the War (France),
Spiritual Activism Conference, Muslims for Peace (Australia),, Peace Movement Aotearoa,
Not in Our Name Aotearoa New Zealand,

*/Please spread this flyer around!/*

5. ————————————————————–

Celebrating HS Peace Makers

There were wonderful letters of nomination this year for the annual Franklin County Peace Makers Prize. On Sunday evening, May 7, the Interfaith Council of Franklin County and Traprock Peace Center gave out 33 framed awards, five $100 cash prizes and eight $50 prizes to all individuals and groups nominated. Students, parents, and community members basked in full appreciation for these students initiatives and achievements.

Please see the website soon for pictures and audio celebrating these wonderful students. We’ll give details on who was recognized and why! We’ll ask the two wonderful students who performed a rap about eliminating racism, Josh Mattusz and Aldo Rompies, if they would like their music posted.

Greenfield High School again hosted the Peace Makers Awards ceremony. With help from Terry Fisher, Peter Letson, David James, Marcy and Barbara Hoynowski, we spread tablecloths, lilacs, peacemaker displays, refreshments, and arranged chairs in a big circle for one more year of good cheer. Thanks to all who came and applauded the good works, to parents, teachers, advisors and coaches of various sorts who supported the students in their efforts during the year, and to our donors who make this recognition possible.

6. ————————————————————–

Memorial Days

If you have a memory of a peacemaker you’d like to share, we’d like to post it on our web site before this Memorial Day. There are so many people who have helped us be who we are, making peace their way. Please reply with the subject “Memorial” to

7. ————————————————————–

NRC Scoping Meetings – June 7

License Extension (Termination) for Vernon Reactor
Thanks to Sally Shaw & the New England Coalition for this Alert

The NRC plans to hold environmental scoping meetings on the ENVY reactor relicensing environmental impact statement. They plan to hold an informal open house to provide information about the environmental review process on Tuesday June 6, 2006 from 2-8 PM. at the Quality Inn and Suites, 1380 Putney Road in Brattleboro.

In addition, the NRC is planning to hold two scoping meetings on one day, Wednesday June 7, 2006, the first from 1:30 – 4:30 and the second from 7:00 – 10:00 PM at the Latchis Theatre.

The environmental review submitted by Entergy (and on which the NRC will no doubt rely heavily) is available for the public to review at public libraries in Vernon, Brattleboro, Hinsdale, and Northfield, or it can be viewed on the internet at

The NRC intends to gather information to prepare a reactor-specific supplement to the “Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants” (an oxymoron if I ever heard one).

The NRC must provide information on possible alternatives to the proposed action (license renewal) including no action and reasonable alternative energy sources.

Any person who requests an opportunity to participate in the scoping process may do so. To register to participate, contact Richard Emch by phone at 1-800-368-5642 or email at; no later than May 31, 2006.

Written comments on the environmental scope of the VY license renewal may also be sent to by June 23, 2006. (Cite Federal Register notice 71 FR 15220).

Bless your heart – You make peace

In a neighbors network to end war,

Sunny, 413 773-7427
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road, Deerfield, MA 01342

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