Traprock Peace Action Report – January, 2007

1. Scott Ritter: “Target Iran”

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2007 in a discussion at 7pm
Scott Ritter will address US war against Iran
at the Friends Meeting House, on Woolman Hill
Keets Road, off 5 & 10 1/2 mile south of Greenfield,
in Deerfield, MA. The meeting house is wheelchair
accessible, for the discussion.

Coming from some distance?
Reservations are available online for the discussion at 7PM
($10+) or for the dinner and discussion. ($50)
We plan to confirm your reservation by email or phone
by 3pm Wednesday.

Scott Ritter is a former US Marine, former U.N. weapons inspector
on the ground in Iraq for seven years, and author of “Target Iran,
The Truth About the White House’s Plans for Regime Change.”
During the 1991 Gulf War Ritter was a US Marine working on missile
use for General Norman Schwartzkopf. More recently Ritter
traveled to Iran for a view from inside. He offers both a military
analysis and a civil response to the US threats. This event is
sponsored by Traprock & Woolman Hill Conference Center to help take
U.S. plans for using nuclear weapons, and for conventional attacks
against Iran, off the table!

Traprock Peace Center will video and audio tape the
discussion in full and gives permission to use files from
our website on radio with attribution; and for free distribution
with attribution. Thanks for sharing the news.

2. How Congress Can Stop the Iran Attack
4. After March Event – January 27th in DC
5. ON THE STREET – Freedom of Assembly?
6. Our State of the Union – Calling ALL HANDS, MCTV
Thank you Dance Spree – benefit dance Friday, Feb. 16
7. “Weapons of the Spirit” in Amherst
8. Contribute to WAGE PEACE
– Youth Peacemaker Award Nominations

2. How Congress Can Stop the Iran Attack
or be complicit in nuclear war crimes
By Jorge Hirsch, Sat, 20 Jan. 2007
An Excerpt from Information Clearing House,

” … Congress could pass a law making a nuclear attack on a
non-nuclear nation in the absence of Congressional authorization
illegal. In so doing, Congress would effectively be preventing Bush
from launching any attack against Iran without its authorization,
thus reclaiming its broader constitutionally assigned duties. Because
Bush will not dare putting 150,000 American lives in Iraq at risk of
Iranian retaliation without having the nuclear option on the table.
By removing the nuclear option from the Bush toolkit, Congress
would be forcefully imposing its will and that of the American
people on an administration gone mad.

If Congress chooses not to face the fact that US military action
against Iran is likely to lead to the first US use of nuclear weapons
since Nagasaki, each one of its members will share responsibility
for the nefarious chain of events that is likely to follow, and
should be preparing to face his/her very own nuclear Nuremberg trial….”

See the full text from the “Information Clearing House Blog” web site,
Thanks to John Staley of Williamstown for sending this reference.


Refuse to be ‘good German?’
If you’re going to Washington this week-end,
or if you’re staying close to home, please consider
printing and sharing a copy of the War Crimes Report.

Congratulations to all colleagues who published this reference —
in English in October, & now in Arabic, JANUARY 17, 2006.
Emergency funding can help print multiple copies for distribution in DC!

“U.S. War Crimes in Iraq and Mechanisms for Accountability” was
published on October 11, 2006 by ten organizations concurrently.
The report is now fully accessible by Iraqis and other Arabic
speakers in the Middle East.

“We are making ‘U.S. War Crimes in Iraq and Mechanisms for Accountability’
available in Arabic because we want to increase its accessibilty to the
people of Iraq so that they may have knowledge of the scope and
illegality of certain U.S. conduct there,” said Nick Mottern, Director
of “We hope that this will assist the Iraqi
people in preventing further war crimes and in getting reparations
for what has been done.”

See the Arabic language edition, available for free download as a pdf file:

4. After March Event – January 27th in DC
“What is next in the US occupation of Iraq? …

With Anthony Arnove, Co-author of Voices from A People’s History
and special guests including Kelly Dougherty, co-founder of Iraq Veterans Against War.

Downtown, DC
5:00 – 7:00 PM (Langston Room)
at Busboys and Poets
2021 14th Street
NW DC 20009

After the United for Peace and Justice March on Washington,
join us in celebrating the paperback release of Arnove’s book
‘Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal’. Speakers will address what’s next
and why the troops should come home now. Sponsored by
Haymarket Books and Busboys and Poets. Congratulaitons to
U-Mass students filling two buses to DC.

See you in Washington?
See you on the streets!

Everywhere people are talking, sometimes honking.
Everywhere it’s a movement if we make it so.

Sandra Boston, Eve Brown Waite, Suzanne Carlson, Mary Siano,
Bob McCormick, Shel Ball, Gaella Elwell, Kay Fern, Annie Hassett, Eve,
Maesha(?) and a few other friends shared a vision and braved the cold
>From 4:30-5:30 Tues-Friday! Thousands of drivers caught our drift.
We could see people writing down the number for Congress, &
putting it in cell phones.

“Honk for PEACE!” ”Call a HALT” & “Bring them ALL home.”
You should have heard the support, as we crossed with the light,
each night on Main Street.

– Freedom of Assembly –
Since we want change, we are changing our venues.
During lunch hour today, Jan. 23, John Graves and I
held a bright banner with the number for Congress,
on a wide sidewalk at 91 Main St. in Greenfield.
A policeman, Mr. Odam instructed me that anyone demonstrating
in Greenfield needs a permit. I disagreed, saying I have been informed
that the town asks for permits for demonstrations of more that 10
people, but in general, the Constitution is my permit for freedom of
assembly, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. He warned
that I may be summoned.

Want to be OUT with the number for Congress? 202 224-3121

Call until ~6 pm–the switchboard operator will connect you.
Ask for the office of ANY member of Congress.

The White House comment line is 202 456-1111.
If you call as though on a rotary phone, you can speak to someone.

6. Our State of the Union

Please comment on your closing schools,
increased demands for home heating assistance,
or other local accounting. Date proposed, Jan. 31, 5-6pm
or Feb. 1, 7-8PM. Volunteers can tape you at Montague
Community TV, (in the Crocker Building across from the
Shady Glen and Town Hall in Turners Falls, a.k.a. Great Falls).
To weigh in, or volunteer — 413-773-7427.

Other productions pending include a Forum on Impeachment,
with Carl Doerner, and Witness Against Torture, perhaps at GCTV.

Committees are forming. Calling all hands.

Calling all dancers. Dance Spree will organize a benefit for Traprock
in Northampton for Friday Feb.16. Dance Spree is on the fourth floor
above Fitzwilly’s. Any donations over $4 can go to Traprock.
There is an elevator. Come buy a T-shirt or decorate one.
Be my valentine. 413 773-7427

Or meet your neighbors at a pot-luck or a
committee meeting here by the woodstove.
Watch the calendar, or call to pitch in.
Name your elixir to salve the trauma of war.
To sacrifice ~~ to make sacred.

7. Wednesday, Feb. 7, 7pm, see
“Weapons of the Spirit”

Produced and directed by Pierre Sauvage.
The next Wide-Angle Film to be shown in Amherst
reveals the defiance of the people in Le Chambon,
a town in France that hid 5,000 people from the Nazis.
The director was a child at the time he was protected there,
in an oasis of peace, in a conspiracy of goodness.

The Nacul Center is at 592 Main Street, Amherst,
1/2 mile east of Pleasant Street at the corner of N. Whitney.
Fully accessible, no charge for admission.

8. Contribute to

Massachusetts neighbors are expected to pay $7.5 billion for
nuclear weapons & nuclear war in 2007. Supporters have contributed
about $15,000 so far in large and small amounts, toward a goal of
$100,000 for moving & this movement by June 1.

Soon we’ll prepare for youth Peace Maker Awards with
the Interfaith Council. One page letters describing worthy initiatives
by youths living in Franklin Co. MA are due in April. Send or pledge
the amount you spend on coffee or tea? Smell peace brewing?

Or make a contribution to honor yourself, Matthew Leighton, or the
next generation. Bit by bit, every contribution counts. Your words of
endorsement count!

Gifts of property would be most welcome!!! Woolman Hill, Touchstone Farm
& Yoga Center, Sirius Community, and the Peace Pagoda have shown us that
land is wonderful foundation for enduring efforts, and building community.
Add dedication and sacrifice, many hands and many minds.


peace, Sunny

Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342


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