To Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee

From Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342
November 4, 2005

To Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee
223 Old Ferry Road
Brattleboro, VT 05302Dear Sirs,

I write to request a meeting to discuss concerns about the health
effects of the proposed uprate at the Vernon reactor. In a phone
conversation today was glad to hear your spokesperson, Mr. Williams express
concern for safety during a demonstration on Monday morning, but I suspect
that your concern for traffic safety is a bit misplaced. I don’t expect a
large group to demonstrate on a Monday morning.

I ask for a meeting to discuss with you a pressing need for radiation
monitoring equipment for all schools, and medical facilities in a 50-mile
radius of the Vernon reactor, and for all residents without cars. Mr.
Williams assures us that the industry is thoroughly regulated, but after the
fact, no NRC fines or closure of facilities will adequately address
radiation exposures during an accident. School administrators need accurate
and exact radiation monitoring on site, in order to decide whether to impose
a lock down with closure of entrances and windows at schools, and removal of
children from classrooms with windows to interior hallways and more
protected areas such as basements; or to work instead to achieve evacuation
on roads that may be veritable parking lots, when everyone who has a car
tries to leave an area at the same time. Because wind directions vary
greatly in our hills and valleys, on site monitoring at your perimeter will
be of quite limited value.

In addition we can’t trust government sources of information. For
example our understanding of the 3-day delay in evacuating women and
children after the accident at Three Mile Island; the federal government’s
long-standing traditions of brutality and misinformation during atomic
testing; and other, more recent non-disclosures of information regarding
contamination at reactors cause us to insist that we need accurate and local
access to radiation monitoring immediately.

Please meet with me and with my neighbors who share these concerns on
Monday morning. Because I fully expect that all the employees at the Vernon
reactor and Entergy Nuclear hold the welfare of our communities and our
nation in high regard, I ask that you reconsider your decision to meet with
no one on Monday morning. I am reachable by voice mail message, and will
look forward to hearing from you by phone, or in person on Monday when I
hope to visit your offices. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.


Sunny Miller, Executive Director, 413-773-7427
(cc’d to responsible & concerned neighbors)