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We’d like to invite you to participate in Tent State University (TSU), an event that’s going to be happening on the UMass-Amherst campus from April 17-21. TSU is a week-long outdoor alternative university shaped by the students, workers, and community members.

The problems with public higher education in this country are myriad. What Tent State does is provide a framework for change. It’s our opportunity to enact our positive vision of what a public university could and should be: a democratically-controlled public space that brings together a diverse group of people, from both inside the university and from the surrounding communities, to exchange ideas, art, and culture.

We’re going to have professors and graduate assistants opening up their classrooms to the general public. We’re going to have workshops, teach-ins, and discussions out on the lawn under the tents. We’re going to have artists from the community: musicians, poets, and theater troupes performing for free throughout the week. There will be opportunities for taking part in direct actions and peaceful protest. And we’re going to have public forums to talk about the issues that are of concern to the attendees and a chance to make decisions about how we want to proceed with advocating for systemic changes in public higher education.

We would love to have you or your group come and participate in Tent State. You can get involved by planning a workshop, by volunteering to perform, or by simply showing up and taking part in the various activities throughout the course of the week. If you’re interested in teaching a workshop, a form is attached. If you want to get involved in another way, please email tentstateumass@gmail.com.

Darren Griffis
Tent State Organizing Committee

Vice President
Graduate Employee Organization (GEO)/UAW 2322

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