Support GI Resistance and Rights


Military resisters, their families, veterans and concerned
community members call for public action Dec. 8-10th!

It’s time for us to escalate public pressure and action in
support of the growing movement of thousands of courageous
men and women GI’s who have in many different ways followed
their conscience, upholding international law, taking a
principled stand against unjust, illegal war and occupation
and stood up for their rights. Widespread public support and
pressure will help create true support for courageous troops
facing isolation and repression, and help protect their civil
liberties and human rights.

Showing widespread support for soldiers who resist is one of
the best ways those of us outside the military can encourage
the growing momentum of the GI resistance movement—a movement
that has the direct power to end this war.

We call for the following:
1) Support for War Objectors
2) Protect the Right to Conscientious Objection
3) Protect the Liberties & Human Rights of GI’s
4) Sanctuary for War Objectors.

We ask you to begin mobilizing your group, community and
networks now. As well as educating your organization’s members,
please consider hosting one or more public events to help raise
awareness and build support. Visit
or e-mail for more information or to contribute to
build this campaign.



Courage to Resist
War Resisters Support Campaign
Gold Star Families for Peace
Central Commitee for Conscientious Objectors
VFP Chp.69
Bob Watada and Rosa Sakanishi, father and step-mother of Lt. Ehren Watada
Kyle Snyder, Iraq veteran and war resister
Darrell Anderson, Iraq veteran and war resister
Pablo Paredes, former Navy sailor and Iraq war resister
Stephan Funk, former marine and first resister of Iraq war
Anita Dennis, mother of Iraq resister Darrell Anderson
Sara Rich M.S.W., mother of Spc. Suzanne Swift
Jeff Paterson, former marine and first resister Gulf War I
DeDe Miller, Gold Star Families for Peace
Edward Hasbrouck, draft resister
Gerry Condon, Vietnam war resister


Your participation in these days of action—and beyond– is crucial to
realizing these goals: together, we do have the power to end this war and
prevent the next one. As the antiwar movement builds its support for these
brave people and their important actions, we hope more will take a stand
if we show them they won’t be alone.

Those of us outside the military must match their bravery by escalating
our support for all GI resisters. They’ve got to know we’re out here for

Objection by military servicepersons is a healthy and important assertion
of democracy, particularly in a country where the decisions to invade, to
maintain occupation, and to engage in widespread ongoing torture, human
rights violations and war crimes are made undemocratically in violation of
the US Constitution and international law and based on continuing lies and

Supporting GI resistance, together with counter recruitment and draft
resistance, is key to stopping illegal war and occupation ourselves. If
the government can’t recruit or draft enough new troops, and if troops
refuse illegal immoral orders, it will help end the war and occupation and
help prevent the next one. Look at the Vietnam War!

Here is an Explanation of the Four Areas of Support:

We urge you to join us December 8-10th for a weekend of action in support
of GI Resistance and GI Rights!

For more info contact