Students occupy Senator office overnight

For Immediate Release UPDATE
Campus Anti-War Network

Anti-War Activists Sitting In at Senator Kohl?s office

When: Rally at 8:30am(4/19)! Since about 3:00pm 4/18 until conference call with Senator.

Where: The Senator?s Office at 14 W. Mifflin St #207

Why: UPDATE: Activists are currently confined to a 10 by 20 foot room in Senator Kohl’s Office at the behest of the Senator’s State Director, we have been confined here as of midnight and have been denied access to our personal belongings including medication which is in the main office. We have been denied access to water, in that we are not allowed to refill jugs of water when going to the bathroom. Our bathroom access has been limited to 2 persons per trip. We have decided that the best response at this point is to ADHERE to these demands although they are unreasonable. We have decided to take this action because we recognize that these indignities have been imposed to divide us and weaken our message.
Our message is still strong; we continue to demand that Senator Kohl meet with us in person via a public forum although we have been promised a conference call Thursday morning. We still demand Senator Kohl take a stand against the war by de-funding the war and fully funding Iraq veteran?s benefits. We demand that Senator Kohl take a stand for reparations for Iraqi people and against the use of depleted uranium. Lastly we demand troops out now and money for jobs and education.

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