Student sit-in at University of Virginia continues

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Students Still Sitting In at U of Virginia for Living Wage

By Matt Kindig

Here’s the latest on the sit-in: Wednesday night, the protesters had their wireless internet cut off. Thursday, the University not only kept the wireless internet off for the students (making it difficult for them to turn in assignments and do homework) but has also stopped allowing people to bring food and supplies into Madison Hall for the protesters.

The sit-in participants have less than one day’s worth of food left, so pretty soon the sit-in participants will become involved in a hunger strike, against their wishes. One sit-in participant’s mother tried to bring food into the hall to her child during business hours today (when the building is theoretically open to the public) and was stopped by the police. The University is essentially trying to starve the protesters out. Since the protesters refuse to budge without a compromise, it is widely believed that the protesters will all be arrested this evening when the building closes for the weekend. If you get this in time and can make it, there will a rally at 5pm to help prevent the protester’s arrest.

Also, videos of Prof. Marshall’s arrest and other materials can be found here:


Thanks to David Swanson for sending this out.