Nov 24 Peace Action Report

Thankful Neighbors —

November 24, 2006 – See seven items.
A partial list of thank-yous! More next week.
(Look for your next Traprock Peace Action Report
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What a harvest of talents for peace:

1. For 6 years I’ve met with the Interfaith Council of Franklin County.
This year my Thanksgiving wish was answered in full:
Barry White Crowe Higgins brought us a message
from his tribal perspective informed by their experience of
history. In the context of a service about hunger, chaired by
Leslie Fraser, a former Traprock President, I invited Barry to bring
his message of truth. With beautiful hopes and music all around
we HEARD his appeal for a world that leaves genocide behind!
We will work to record his account of Thanksgiving to share it.

2. With great gratitude to Janet Masucci, Bob McCormick,
Gregg Crawford, Michael Bae, David Mankowski, Ann Levinger,
Michael Boehm, Abbie Jenks, GCC students, Michael True, Peter Letson,
Sally Weiss, Shelagh Foreman, folks at Just Foreign Policy, & staff
at Greenfield Community Television we have burst out of the starting
gate into the realm of television, together. Three programs will air
this week-end. … Some upcoming shows will be especially made for kids!
The schedule is at

We don’t have our copies yet, and haven’t even seen them in full,
but after 12 hours in the studio and 30+ hours of editing, watch for
the power of nonviolence to come through. Available soon for postage
and handling at

“Perpetual War for Peace? … Iran, Iraq & the Corporate Agenda”
with Just Foreign Policy (DON’T ATTACK IRAN!!)
“Hope Rises from the Ashes of My Lai” with Michael Boehm
& “The American Tradition of Nonviolence,” with Michael True

A. Michael True has given his slide show on the history of nonviolence
for 30 years, and is delighted he may have a video to send, when
he can’t travel to meet frequent requests. Praise be to volunteers, all,
and to perseverance, Michael!

B. Michael Boehm has also persevered. He’s made 15 trips to Vietnam
to help rebuild, and to heal as a veteran! Indeed hope rises!

C. Just maybe the Just Foreign Policy collaboration will help prevent
an attack on Iran. We welcome your ideas in this realm. Our nuke is
very close to home and reminds us nobody’s nuke should be
Targeted — especially for the mythology that Iran is a threat
because they want a nuclear deterrent that is a small fraction
of the threat we pose.

3. TraprockPeaceCtr has new clips on YOU TUBE!!!

Bravo, Charlie Jenks. Now a dozen clips to see on our site,
or on YouTube if you want to help rank some as favorites.
My current favorite is a message for your teen neighbors —
1. Aimee Allison, a former recruit, ardently & compellingly,
TELLS IT LIKE IT IS! See yourself dancing at the last
July 4 picnic at our home on the Hill. (That will be changing.)
See Holly Near, Mixed Nuts, or Anja Daneil sing from the heart.
Martin Espada recites poetry. Many more to choose from.
If you want to rank our video clip of Aimee, please go to


After 27 years, we look for a new home for Traprock.
Have a parcel of land where we could build, or a building with
grounds that we could make wheelchair accessible? The peace
and serenity of the wilderness reminds us daily that the world
is good. I don’t think I could have persevered for 11 years full
time on about half-time pay without the wildlife, the mama bear,
the deer, the turkeys, scarlet tanager, coyote, and fox bringing
renewal, hope, reminders almost daily.

This wilderness also inspires interns to come (when the roof
hasn’t been leaking.) Two new folks are in the process of inquiring.
Please call and send 2 job references if you’re interested.


Nov. 30 – The Historic Emergence of Nonviolent Struggle
7 pm, Reel World Films at the Arms Library, Bridge St, Shelburne Falls

Please call us if you’d like to host the terrific films,
“Iraq for Sale” or “Soldiers Speak Out” — 413-773-7427.
(Please send calendar updates for event listings to

6. Rosa Parks Day is coming, Friday, Dec. 1
Human Rights Day is Sunday, Dec. 10
& on Saturday, Dec. 16 the
Boston Tea Party Anniversary may be celebrated anew!
Please watch for exciting programs to be announced next week.

7. An Evening with Starhawk

“Holding the Vision of Global Justice:
Keeping our Spirit and Courage Alive”
Thursday, December 7, 7: 30 p.m.
Helen Hills Chapel, Smith College, Northampton
$12 general admission/$6 student or low-income

How do we keep a strong vision of peace in these times of war? World leaders seem unable to look beyond retaliation, retribution and destruction. The international global justice movement claims that “Another world is possible!” But what does that world look like? What can we do to make that vision real? How do we sustain the courage and commitment to do the work we believe in? And how do we maintain hope in hard times?

Starhawk, committed global justice activist and organizer, is the author or coauthor of ten books, including The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, and the award-winning Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising. Her latest is Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature. She is a veteran of progressive movements, from anti-war to anti-nukes, is a highly influential voice in the revival of earth-based spirituality & Goddess religion, and has brought many innovative techniques of spirituality & magic to her political work.

Best regards,
Sunny Miller
413-773-7427, I LIKE PHONE CALLS —

Emily West

Traprock Peace Center
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