May 1 National Immigrant General Strike site created

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April 15 is now up on the internet. It is a work in progress and will better formatted today with a blog component added late today/tomorrow so you can add your comment directly for your events/needs to be shared with every one in lieu of writing emails to everyone.

No 4437 should help eliminate some confusion and help coordinate activities for all groups.

With the multitude of emails I received yesterday asking if the May 1 boycott is on or off, IT IS ON! The time for debate has long gone. Consensus of all is we must step up to bat on May 1 to boycott all work, schools, shopping, etc. Even Mexico is boycotting “Gringo” businesses in Mexico.

Hispanic News as well as the other 21 websites we have will not be published May 1.

In addition, to the blanket boycott of all, we are also proceeding with specific boycotts of AOL/Lou Dobbs, Kimberly Clark (owned by the family of Rep. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin) and GM (The forthcoming GM boycott is because a GM dealer in Phoenix is one of the founders of Prop 200 in Arizona and his membership and active participation in the Minutemen along the Arizona/Mexico border) as briefly described (Lou Dobbs) is already up for your information and we encourage all to begin this part of the specific boycotts. Today an article will be published at Hispanic News about AOL subscriptions already dropping by 15% due to other groups boycotting AOL.

There is also much confusion about the color of the day? It is WHITE. I recommend WHITE be our color for all marches so we avoid having to deal with this question again.

Yesterday, I also received numerous emails inquiring about events in various locations. No 4437 will provide all an opportunity to share with others in your community what is being planned.

If you find nothing being planned for your community, then it is up to you to take charge and get something going.

For now, until we get the blog component up and running later today/tomorrow, if you email me your information, I will format it for inclusion in No 4437.

Lastly, we just finished publishing an article at Hispanic News about Ted Kennedy. The undocumented are being used as pawns to influence the Hispanic 2006 vote. We are ourselves need to coordinate one national Hispanic strategy to maximize who we should vote for in 2006.

If anyone wants to contact me regarding anything, my number in Phoenix is 602.244.1000 and my email address is