Lobby for Peace in DC – Jan 27-29

Can you come to DC Jan 27-29 and be a state coordinator of lobbying for peace and investigations?

See below:

State Coordinators Needed for UFPJ Lobby Day!
The countdown to the UFPJ Lobby Day is zooming along, and we expect to
have hundreds of peace activists on Capitol Hill on Monday, January 29.

As you make your plans to come to the lobby day, please consider
volunteering to be a coordinator for your state.

We will ask state coordinators to:
1. Make appointments with both of your state’s Senators on behalf of UFPJ
for the entire state delegation
2. Contact other members of the UFPJ Legislative Action Network and other
peace activists in your state to encourage them to come to the lobby day.
We will share contact information with you.
3. Each state may handle the way that appointments are made with members
the House differently. For the most part, state coordinators will not be
expected to make these appointments.
4. We will have a State Coordinator Conference Call on Monday, January 8
at 8:00 pm eastern time: 319-632-1100, participant code: 381726 (this call
will be recorded so if you can not attend, you can listen to it later).
3. Attend the UFPJ Lobby Day training on Sunday, January 28 — everyone
from your state will have the opportunity to meet together to discuss the
meetings with your Senators. At that time, your state team will work
together to decide spokespeople and notetakers for the meetings, as well
people to take responsibility for follow-up.

If you are willing to volunteer, send and email to Sue Udry, UFPJ
legislative action coordinator at sue@unitedforpeace.org , or call:
301-565-4050 x315. If more than one person or organization volunteers for
a state, we will ask you to work togther.

We already have 2 volunteers:
New York:
Melissa Van, Peace Action of New York State, contact: melissa@panys.org
David Gibson, Coalition for Peace Action, contact:

Sue Udry
Legislative Action Coordinator
United for Peace and Justice
301-565-4050 x315
visit our website: http://www.unitedforpeace.org/article.php?id=3116
support our work: http://www.unitedforpeace.org/article.php?id=160
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