June 21 – Traprock Peace Action Report

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June 21,
First day of summer!
a worm has found
the new cabbage leaves.
I am late to the garden & prayers.
My sister survived the surgery—it went well.
Drive down the hill? Forgive me the engine.
So many earnest people hoping.

1. Concern for Darfur & Sudan
2. Due: Comment on Impact of 20 more years?! Entergy Nuclear
3. Charlie Jenks on Student Rights, Friday Columbia U.
4. Occupied AFGHANISTAN: A Shotgun Marriage,
Recent images, Analysis, Discussion
Keith Harmon Snow, 6:30 Sunday, June 25
at the beautiful Quaker meeting house on Woolman Hill
5. Atomic Safety Hearing, Brattleboro, Mon/Tues. June 26 & 27
6. Welcome Emily West
7. July 4 – PEACE PICNIC at Traprock
2:30 – dark
8. Proposing PEACE WALKS, & FLOATS, for Hiroshima Days What suit you?

1. Friends, Is there oil in Darfur? We need to know.

That will help us understand whether we can trust our government to care about civilians in Darfur, as they have cared for civilians in Iraq, More than a million have died in Iraq through our policies, in a decade. The blood is on our hands, and healing awaits our action. I’m afraid it is easier to urge that distant villains be killed, in an unfamiliar country, than it is to see our own roles in cycles of violence. If there is oil in Sudan, we have reason to be very concerned.
I thank the groups hosting and sponsoring this meeting for doing so. I hope that before, during and after the meeting tonight (on June 21 in Northampton) we will all avail ourselves of crucial opportunities to assess any appeals for military intervention, whether spoken or unspoken, and take time to mount appeals for nonviolent interventions that are funded as fully as military ones. I hope we will take care to assure that no funds are forwarded to support violence.
There is no shortage of urgent need in the world, and for too many years
we have been dropping bombs that create desperate, deadly, and dreaded
situations. Thank you for helping to shine a light on Darfur, in a way that
may bring real aid, and not further slaughter for the sake of profits. We
intend to post a map Keith Harmon Snow has just provided indicating
tremendous oil reserves in Sudan. Please see his comments at
Together may we unearth the roots that feed violence and domination.
Sunny Miller,
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342

2. Comments due Friday, June 23 on Environmental Impacts.

Say what troubles you about 20 more years.
Comments are invited THIS week on the SCOPE of Environmental Impacts that should be considered regarding proposed extension of the license for New England’s oldest operating nuclear reactor, in Vernon Vermont. Entergy Nuclear proposes extending the Vermont Yankee license from 40 years to 60 years, (2012-2032). This antique reactor is juiced up and sputtering with an overdose of piping hot fuel, and no good place to put the remains for 10,000 generations. If you haven’t come out about this, now is a good time.
Celebrate the was you love summer by speaking up for our land, rivers, babies being born, and friends recovering from cancer. Richard Emch at the NRC invites your comments, preferred by this Friday, June 23 at . The NRC Office Public Affairs will have his number if you have questions. — 301 415-8200.

A. A U.S. court requires review of terror threats for nuclear reactors!
Acknowledging the possibility of attack, means that those harmful effects must be considered in decision making. On June 7 the NRC hurried to say they are considering appealing that. Notice they didn’t say they were considering complying with that. Thanks Harvey, Sally, for this reference:

B. NRC Seeks Public Input on Environmental Review Associated with
Proposed Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant License Extension

3. Charlie Jenks, Traprock Peace Center Advisory Group Chair and web site manager will speak at Columbia University in NYC this Friday, June 23 on taking a stand for free speech on college campuses. His remarks are part of
a panel discussion with Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, a student activist at NYU, and Charles
Peterson, a student at Holyoke Community College..
This is one of many presentations at the conference, Socialism, 2006. While there
Charlie will tape many other speakers and put those resources on the Traprock web site.
Our congratulations to all who wrote and responded, achieving several successful interventions this year on behalf of free speech!

4. OCCUPIED Afghanistan: A Shotgun Wedding
Recent Images, Analysis, Discussion
a multimedia presentation, all welcome
Sunday, 25 June 2006, 6:30 _ 8:30 pm

Keith Harmon Snow, journalist, photographer, human rights investigator
and local farmer from Williamsburg shares news of life in a war zone,
women’s lives, heroin trade, terror & Afghan resistance.
Slides and music will show the beauty and sorrow of the land, the culture, and the people, amidst the ongoing U.S. war in Afghanistan. Topics to be introduced include the heroine trade, the position of women in society, the US role in “nation-building” and the “war on terror,” and the simple realities of life during wartime under the US occupation. Co-sponsored by Traprock Peace Center & Woolman Hill Conf. Center. Come on up. Woolman Hill is splendid in early summer and the restored Quaker meeting house makes is well suited to thoughtful reflection.
Free and open to the public. Wheelchair accessible.
Refreshments to follow. Donations welcome.

5. Atomic Safety Hearing, Brattleboro, Mo-Tues, June 26/27

NOPE, not waiting around for a melt-down!
Individuals will have an opportunity to offer comments on matters of concern related to the proceeding on Monday, June 26, and Tuesday, June 27. The remarks, which will be transcribed, will be received by the three-member ASLBP handling the hearing.
Known as _limited appearance statements,_ the comments will be accepted from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m., as needed, on June 26 at the Latchis Theatre, at 50 Main St. in Brattleboro, Vt. (Directions are available on the theatre_s web site at: http://www.latchis.com/location.html .) They will also be accepted at the same location from 9 a.m. to noon and from 1:30 to 4 p.m., as needed, on June 27.
_The purpose of the limited appearance statements is to allow members of the public to alert the Board and the parties to areas relating to the uprate and the admitted contentions in which evidence may need to be brought forward, and to assist the Board in its consideration of these issues.

Last week we wrote, inviting you to reserve time to speak by June 20. You may still be allowed to speak, on a time-available basis. We want to hear you. Requests can be e-mailed to: hearingdocket@nrc.gov; faxed to: (301) 415-1101; or mailed to: Office of the Secretary, Rulemakings and Adjudications Staff, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C. 20555-0001. Copies of requests should be e-mailed to: jmr3@nrc.gov and ksv@nrc.gov .

6. Welcome to Emily West, just hired to help us manage the office and the information that flows through! I hope you’ll get to meet our new colleague soon. Watch for an introduction in our next newsletter. Your contribution helps us ‘keep up the good work!” I hope you can send a generous contribution soon, and that we’ll have more than temp help soon!

Heavy rains proved the roof is fixed!
Please inquire with the subject INTERN in the email heading:

7. July 4 — PEACE PICNIC

Tuesday, July 4, we congregate to celebrate our interdependence, and our freedoms to speak, work and live for peace and justice. Come when it suits you, from 2:30 ‘til dusk, when the fireflies rise.
This is an POT-LUCK picnic feast. Come meet your wonderful neighbors. We keep the food in the kitchen, and bring our plates out on the lawn. If it’s raining hard, or dreadfully hot, we fit inside—no problem.
This afternoon, special guests make brief comment, then we settle in for relaxed creativity, music and conversation. This year special guests will include author Danielle Trisoni. See the N.Y. Times review of her book, “Falling Through the Earth,” describing the relationship of daughter and her father, affected by the war in Vietnam. It’s a terrific book review.

Roy Morrison, author of Eco Civilization 2140, may also be able to come.
Please note: Last Saturday eight or nine Woolman Hill Board members came to look at our building in order to consider expanding their operations in this direction. This is, of course, unsettling, as their thinking is undecided. Who knows when we might have our last July 4 picnic here. Please come celebrate peace, and escape the rocket’s red glare, at the home Traprock has known since 1979. RSVP’s appreciated, but NOT necessary.
413 773-7427

DIRECTIONS: From Route 5 & 10 watch for blue state highway signs for
Woolman Hill Camp and Conference Center. Turn east up Keets Road. At the top
of the Hill, please drive slowly and make a hard left after the Woolman Hill sign. ***Sorry pet-lovers, Woolman Hill does not welcome pets.

8. Dear Friends, Shall we walk? Shall we float?

With help in the office, I feel ready to break away in the tradition of Granny D. Any chance you’d like to walk with us a bit between Saturday or Sunday July 29 or 30 and August 6, Hiroshima Day?
I wonder if a schedule like this would interest you.
Radiation How-to on Health Effects, Hindsdale, NH Sat. July 29 Radiation Monitoring, Northfield, Sunday, July 30 Songs for Survival, Greenfield, Mon. Aug. 1 A History of Nonviolence, Deerfield Tues. Aug 1 With All Due Respect—Wed.—A DAY on the CONNECTICUT RIVER UNDOING Uranium Weapons, Amherst Wide Angle Films 8/4 Lantern Floating and much more, Northampton, Saturday, August 5 The Nuclear Umbrella is Broken—Take it down in YOUR town, Aug. 6 Aug. 7 – southern MA friends have ideas ??
Aug. 8 – southern MA friends have ideas ??
Aug. 9 – conclusion at the border in Longmeadow, MA?
I am so delighted that Hattie Nestle has initiated a walk in Montpelier and northern Vermont on nuclear issues.
Best regards,
Sunny Miller
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342

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