Join Global Exchange Peace Delegations to Jordan, Syria and Iran

Global Exchange Peace Delegation to Jordan and Syria
June 12-21, 2006

Join peace and justice activists from around the U.S. on a delegation to Iraq’s western neighbors, Jordan and Syria. Meet with Iraqis to hear their first-hand accounts of conditions in Iraq, how they view American occupation, their views how to end it, and what they think of the prospects for reconciliation in post-occupation Iraq. Learn about the political situation in both Jordan and Syria by meeting with academics, activists, business people, clerics, and diplomats, hearing their various views on Americans and the role of our government and corporations in their lands. The delegation will also meet with Palestinian refugees to examine their lives in both countries. We will also visit ruins, spend time under the desert stars and see Petra, Jordan’s stunning ancient city
carved in red rock.

Cost for this delegation is $1450 including all accommodation in twin rooms, two meals/day, in-country transportation, program activities, guides and translation. Fundraising materials and a few partial scholarships are available. Contact Ladan Sobhani at 415-575-5528 or email for more information.


Global Exchange Delegation to Iran:
History, Architecture, Culture
June 10-23, 2006

Global Exchange has been sending American travelers to Iran since 2000, and through these tours we hope to demystify and contextualize the negative images of Iran, while shedding some light on the many contradictions and realities of life in the Islamic Republic. Now more than ever, as the heated debate on the “Iran Question” continues in Washington and on the world stage, it is crucial for Americans to understand Iran’s vibrant society and its many complex facets. In addition to exploring the richness of Iranian history and culture among the ancient ruins of the Persian Empire, we meet with non-governmental organizations and ordinary Iranians in order to gain a better understanding of this country.

We invite you to join us this June 10-23, 2006 on the upcoming delegation to Iran. Cost is $2100 and includes all meals, double room accommodations, transportation, entrance fees and program activities, qualified guide and trip leader, and visa assistance. International airfare is not included. For a copy of the itinerary or for more information on how to register for this trip please contact Ladan Sobhani at 800-497-1994 x 251 or email Please visit our website for program highlights

To read an article by a past participant on a Global Exchange tour to Iran visit:


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