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Regional Student Antiwar Conferences
Sponsored by the Campus Antiwar Network

Recently the US government has stepped up its bombing campaign in Samara to the highest level of intensity since the onset of the war. Even though public support has turned against the war and active resistance has begun in many sectors of the country and in the military, the movement is not at the necessary organizational levels to attain a complete withdrawal of American forces from the Middle East. Meanwhile, large demonstrations are being planned in cities across the country in April. This comes at a time when many politicians, Democrat and Republican, are supporting policies of “re-deployment” or outright military action against Iran.

Students are becoming organized and have been making great strides in fighting recruitment, fostering debate, and demonstrating for civil liberties. At this crucial time in the antiwar movement it is essential that a unified student front emerge to fight campus repression and to end the war. Real strategies for active resistance need to be developed to motivate the overwhelming public support into viable solutions.

Campus Antiwar Network is establishing regional conferences to develop the true student power needed to breakdown the military machine that has relentlessly torn several countries asunder. Workshops will look at concrete steps to end the war. Anyone is welcome to attend and campuses are encouraged to send as many people as they can. With the spirit of grassroots democratic action, we can truly set in motion the catalyst to change.

Chicago, IL
University of Illinois Chicago
April 22

New York City, NY
April 29 & 30
(to coincide with the April 29 protest in New York City to bring all the troops home now)

Students and Educators to Stop the War Conference
San Francisco, CA
Mission High School
April 22

location and date to be announced

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