FREE SPEECH Demo at Entergy Nuclear on Wally Nelson’s Birthday

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Pay for a melt-down? ‘YOU DON’T GOTTA.’

1. 3/27 Mon. — FREE SPEECH Demo on Wally Nelson’s Birthday
Noon to noon at Entergy Nuclear Offices in Brattleboro??!!
Spread the word? 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 …
Don’t pay until we get a safety inspection.

2. 3/28 Three Mile Island Anniversary Walk, 10 am
Brattleboro Commons to Entergy Offices

////// FREE SPEECH DEMO //// on Wally’s Birthday //////////
Your wisdom is needed for, ‘Transcending the Nuclear Age.”
No one else will speak your the truth just as you do.
Thanks to all our Reps who are speaking up!

Make your statement.

Here’s a demo designed to suit any schedule, at Entergy Nuclear Offices on
Old Ferry Road in Brattleboro. (Directions below.) I plan to be there from
noon, Monday, March 27 to noon, Tuesday, March 28. Can you offer support,
or by claim a short shift? It may be hard to return calls tomorrow, but
we’ll be glad to get your message: 413-773-7427.

A walk to commemorate the anniversary of the Three Mile Island disaster
leaves the Brattleboro Common on Tuesday, March 28, at 10am and arrives at
Entergy at about noon.

Our 24-hour demo is designed complement Tuesday’s walk and noon demo —
If you can’t get away at 10 AM, perhaps you can come by after school or
after work. Don’t evacuate, congregate! Bring your tea, and a blanket? I’m
bringing a song book, bull horn, a big umbrella, a push cart, chocolate and
warm socks! Freedom songs most welcome.

We’ll have paper, envelopes, stamps, and petitions on hand calling for
the safety assessment so urgently needed. We’ll take time to visit and get
to know one another. We’ll also have petitions for public meetings with
emergency management agencies in Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire in
a 100-mile radius of the Vernon reactor. Our Senators, Reps and Sheriffs can
help us get those meetings as soon as possible. They need to hear from us.

Most of you know that on March 5 during power increases to 105% of
design capacity, reactor operators reported excessive vibrations. Further
power increases to 120% of design capacity have been delayed. The NRC
website reports that vibration, corrosion, cracking and over-pressure are
the problems associated with power increases.

A long history of problems plague the oldest operating reactor in New
England. In 1996 managers reported they had four pumps that would not have
been able to pump coolant into the reactor, if they had received a signal to
do so during a small break loss of coolant accident. Pump pressures would
have been inadequate. This condition went undetected during routine
inspection and maintenance for 22 years.

We anticipate no objection to our demonstration, because the curbside is
a public right of way where we exercise our freedom of speech. However, you
may want to ask a friend to drop you off while they run errands, because
parking may be an issue.

Why today? March 27 is Wally Nelson’s birthday. Wally was a dear
neighbor and inspiring civil rights leader. He sought his freedom and
advocated for our freedom. His summation speaks succinctly about whether we
have to pay for killing; and just as succinctly answers whether we have to
pay for dangerously produced electricity. ‘You don’t gotta!'” We’re also
inspired by reps who are speaking up. And of course, it won’t do any good to
complain AFTER an accident!

DIRECTIONS: From US 91 take exit 3, head north on Route 5. Turn right right
at the light, (east) onto Old Ferry Road. See the Entergy offices on the
right. Perhaps a friend will drop you off and come back after errands.

Other DATES proposed for DEMONSTRATIONS:
* Wed. April 26 – Chernobyl Day, 20th Anniversary

* Saturday, May 13 – Full Moon – Mothers’ Eve

* Sunday, June 11 – the Strawberry Moon!

*** “Don’t EVACUATE — CONGREGATE!” ****

Best regards, Sunny
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342