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20th Anniversary of Chernobyl


Please join us at Entergy Headquarters this Wednesday, or Thursday. Drop in
for any (short or long) visit during a 24-hour period, from 4pm Wed. to 4pm
Thursday, April 26-27. Since October, we’ve convened monthly at Entergy
Nuclear offices. Together we confront the risks, and work to reduce our
complicity in paying for a melt-down. We mark our calendar in earnest this
Chernobyl Day and insist, “Not here.”

Please also drop in to support Hattie Nestle’s 3-day fast which began today,
in downtown Brattleboro, continuing Tuesday and Wednesday, by the fountain
from 10am-4pm. Please note, we’ve changed our start time previously proposed
for noon, to accommodate and support Hattie’s fast. (We need ALL thoughtful
approaches –What’s yours?)

Bring a friend, young or old. From Exit 3 in Brattleboro at the tiny rotary,
take Route 5 north; turn right at the light onto Old Ferry Road. You may
wish to carpool, or bicycle, or be dropped off with your back pack and
thermos full of tea or hot chocolate at the demo site, right in front of the
headquarters. We expect no arrests, exercising our rights to freely assemble
and speak our truths.

For more information, contact Traprock Peace Center, 413 773-7427, or see


What vivid concerns do you have regarding emergency planning? Since
early March we’ve been calling (and faxing petitions) to ask for meetings
with Emergency Management Agencies. In phone conversations with Senator
Kennedy’s aide, Ron Carlton, with our Sherriff, our Reps. and others, we
advocate that the first item on the agenda should be to draft a list of
important questions. Your understanding of evacuation difficulties can help
provide a reality check, to ground the views of men in suits.

M.E.M.A. has NOT YET granted our requests for a meeting at Frontier High
School in South Deerfield, (equi-distant from Greenfield, Amherst and
Northampton.) M.E.M.A. Seems instead to be planning to tape a talk (without
public questions) at Greenfield Community Television. (I’m charging up
the battery on my video camera. Bring yours? … Cheech? Harvey? Norm? Nick?



Pam Kelly, congratulations! Two great photos accompanied Richie Davis’s
article naming poignant concerns about how Pam’s disabled son can deal with
an evacuation — This appeared on pages ONE and five in The Recorder on
Saturday … Earth Day.

The picture of the reactor with steam blowing on the front page was
perfect, and the gripping reality of Fred Alden standing near a row of desks
in the basement of the Greenfield fire station, where they plan to
coordinate an emergency response should bring lots of letters to the
editors, and important discussions. I’m especially eager to hear out
community discuss how we trust information about whether to evacuate or not,
and how our nursing homes and hospitals can be evacuated. I think we need to
insist now that the National Guard promise to put down their guns an pick UP
the stretchers … post Katrina. Are neighbors without cars aware of this


April 26 – Chernobyl Day, Come make your curb-side comments.
“No More Chernobyls.”
May 13 – Mothers’ Eve (full moon if you stay for the evening)
Theater Improv, Songs for the Soul, The Great Turning:
Inter-help offers a workshop on care that provides energy
for the long haul.
June 11 Strawberry Full Moon, Sunday, with greetings for Entergy
staff on Monday. As Annie Hassett says, “… Because we care.”



Thank you Annie, Devia, for the wonderful singing at the Three Mile Island
Free Speech Demo. Grattitude fits with this work. The first demonstration
I ever attended with Traprock folks was a Chernobyl demonstration on the
Greenfield Common, more than 15 years ago. I brought a banner about 30-feet
long from North Adams that said, “BASTA! Enough nuclear waste for 10,000
generations!” I got to meet David Detmold taking a principled stand, Jim
Perkins warmly welcoming volunteers, and later, Doug Wilson, drawing our
attention at the Charlemont Inn — warning us that the Rowe reactor owners
wanted to run the reactor for 60 years, not 40. Sound familiar?

Bob Pollard, B.J Roach, Judith Johnsrud, Diane Sidebottham, Williamstown and
North Adams news editors, cable station managers and so many others played
their early roles. We are forever grateful there was no melt-down at Rowe.

NOW HERE YOU ARE, taking a lead on this one, in the company of reasonable
women and thoughtful men. It’s a wonderful thing to see how public
interest, personal commitment, articulate experts and fine reporters can
turn heads around. … Because we care. What a party we should have when
we win the peace. Three-days worth at least!

Melt-down? NO. As Wally Nelson said, “You don’t Gotta!”


From “info llrc”
Chernobyl and health. New ECRR book is vital reading

The Chernobyl Sub-Committee of ECRR (the European Committee on Radiation
Risk) has published a most important collection of results from the
ex-Soviet Union territories affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

This is the rebuttal to all the official fudging and the failure of nuclear
apologists to look at the real world ˜ 250 heavily referenced pages
summarising the real effects on human beings, animals and plants. This is
the antidote to endless calculations of dose (whatever “dose” means) and the
predictions of some hypothetical black-box model.

Chernobyl is the biggest ever test of the modelling of the International
Commission on Radiological Protection and it’s clear that ICRP has failed
the test, since public health in the affected areas is seriously affected
and worsening. The diseases involved represent a far wider spectrum than the
cancer and genetic defects that ICRP confines itself to. The Committee
members conclude that mortality and morbidity will continue to grow as a
result of continuing internal contamination and because many non-cancer
illnesses are increasing as a result of genomic instability and damage to
the immune system. All the way from increases in still birth and congenital
malformation to early ageing and premature death, no stage of life is
immune. And all this is happening at dose rates comparable with natural
background, which according to the established model simply should not cause
enough disease to be discernible against the background noise of spontaneous
rates. So much for ICRP and the established view!

This is heart rending stuff when you recall that it represents the
day-to-day experience of hundreds of thousands of real people. The Guardian
headline of March 25th ˜ UN accused of ignoring 500,000 Chernobyl deaths ˜
was informed by this ECRR sub-Committee’s findings, but no-one will ever
know how many people will suffer chronic ill-health and untimely death. This
stands in stark contrast to the spurious precision of fatal cancer totals
predicted by various agencies ˜ 4000 by IAEA, 9000 by WHO, 60,000 by TORCH,
all of them muddling with models and fiddling with numbers and never looking
at the reality that daily faces the doctors and researchers in the field.
Eventually the victims will number in the millions and probably already do.

This book must remind us that when the apologists say wildlife is thriving
in the exclusion zone no-one knows what diseases and mutations are suffered
by the animals that don’t survive. No-one knows what life shortening the
apparently healthy survivors may be subject to; the animal data in the ECRR
book suggest strongly that there are indeed costs. And in the context of
genetic mutation in plants 20 or more generations removed from their
irradiated ancestors one scientist ironically, laconically, observes that
wheat doesn’t suffer from radiophobia. Nor from alcoholism nor despair, we
think to add. Nor do the animals, yet mice 22 generations removed from being
irradiated in the higher fallout areas display greater radio-sensitivity
than those less exposed. So much for current ideas about genetic selection!

Against this background politicians plan to foist another round of nuclear
power stations on us and our descendants, another generation of nuclear
weapons, perpetuation of Uranium armour-piercing weaponry, and relaxed
standards for the incineration and dustbin disposal of radioactive waste. So
much for human-kind’s ability to learn from its mistakes!

Full price of the book is £UK55 / •90 but if you can’t afford it there’s a
concession price of £UK20 / •32 for campaigners, students and the like.

There is a flyer on

Email to order copies and to apply for the concession
price. Low Level Radiation Campaign