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Free Speech and Dissent on Campus in the Age of the ‘War on Terror’

WHEN: Thursday, March 30, 2006: 3:30pm – 5:00pm
WHERE: Lecture Hall North, 1 Pace Plaza 2nd Floor, Pace University NYC
Given Pace University’s threatened expulsion of two students for using their constitutionally guaranteed Right to Free Speech, Press and Assembly, and the continuing resistance of Pace administration to recognize two student clubs, Campus Anti-War Network and Students for a Democratic Society the time for a discussion of free speech on campus couldn’t be more urgent.

Furthermore, with the climate of fear generated by the ‘War on Terror’, the Bush Administration’s justification for the use of torture, unlimited detention without trial of any non-citizen and illegal spying on domestic groups and individuals, the renewal of the PATRIOT Act, the vilification of Arabs and Muslims and political repression at other campuses around the country, there is a national dimension to this urgent discussion.

Come and be a part of this open forum of concerned faculty and students

Speakers Include:

Faiza- from the Muslim Students Association at Pace: What is the Impact of Islamophobia on the Arab and Muslim Community?

Chris Williams- Communications Professor: The New McCarthyism and its Role in the ‘War on Terror’

Ida Dupont- Criminal Justice Professor: Implications of legalized Torture, Spying, and the PATRIOT Act for Civil Liberties in the United States

Brian Kelly & Lauren Giaccone- CAN and SDS Student Activists: Challenges to Freedom of Expression at Pace

Roger Salerno- Sociology Professor- Free Speech Movement and S.D.S: Lessons from the Past, Relevance for the Future

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field- National CAN Steering Committee: Campus Repression in the United States Student Anti-war Movement
SPONSORS: Campus Antiwar Network (CAN), Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Muslim Students Association, (MSA), THINK Environmental Club, Political Science Department, Sociology-Anthropology-Criminal Justice Department

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