Defend Human Rights in Turkey

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Immediate attention: Defend Democratic Rights in Turkey

State terror is being escalated with the use of the Anti-Terror Law (TMY) in Turkey against democratic rights and organizations.

On 12 September, 20 socialists were arrested, among them Ibrahim Cicek, the Chief Editor of the newspaper Atilim, Ziya Ulusoy, the Ex-chief Editor of the newspaper, Sedat Senoglu, Chief Coordinator of the newspaper, Bayram Namaz, journalist and Fusun Erdogan, Chief Coordinator of the radio Ozgur Radyo. On 14 September, the newspaper Atilim was banned.

The Turkish State has broadened the operations of arrest and imprisonment against socialists, leftists, democrats and progressives. On the 21st of September over 20 democratic organizations in 21 cities were raided by the Turkish Police accompanied by Special Forces. These included the Istanbul Central Office, provincial offices and the editorial office of the newspaper Atilim , office of the radio Ozgur Radyo, BEKSAV Cultural Centre, the offices of the Socialist Platform of the Oppressed (ESP) in Taksim and in many other cities, Mustafa Kemal District Local Association, branches of the Labouring Women?s Association (EKD), the union Tekstil-Sen, the offices of the Socialist Youth Association (SGD), and houses of many leftwing activists.

Another 59 were sent to prison including journalists from the newspaper Atilim; Figen Yuksekdag, ESP representative; Halil Dinc, News Coordinator of Ozgur Radyo; Ayse Yeter,Cem Dinc, General President of the union Limter-Is and Zafer Tektas, General Secretary of the same union; Cicek Otlu, President of the Labourer Women?s Association (EKD). General President of the union Tekstil-Sen;

We condemn all the state attacks on democratic organizations and rights.
We demand the immediate end of the unlawful attacks of the Turkish State and the immediate release of all the imprisoned people.


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