Dec. 16, Boston Tea Party – Dec. 17 Entergy Tea Party!

Today is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party,
Dec. 16, 1773.

Did you know that before Massachusetts settlers dumped tea in the harbor to resist government from afar, women spun and resisted publicly in Boston. Join us in resistance.

Please consider joining a HUMAN chain reaction begun on this anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, to reveal the power of “two.” Your connections are like no others. Do you believe in your ability to find 2 people you can count on?

If 2 people commit to finding 2 people, who will find 2 people … To ASK questions of media and a public officials, we could arouse 64,000 callers in a chain of 15 linked calls. We can ask our questions of the media, (who would tell us if there were a melt-down) and ask the public officials who would struggle with any evacuation! Consider who you will call, whether you will withhold electrical payment, replace high-efficiency light bulbs, which radio, TV or newspaper to call, and finally which neighbors near or far you would like to arouse.

Note – Here’s the math for the human chain reaction, that could prevent a melt-down. All that’s needed is intense public scrutiny that arouses media interest in what the experts know.

(2) 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,
~125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000,
4000, 8000, 1600, 32,000, 64,000

Please ask your questions, or thank a news service for what they’re doing. Our Congressional delegation comes home this week-end from Washington. I have a feeling they’ll be greeted by neighbors wanting more than bad news this advent season.

This week two men at the Vermont Public Service Board will meet. They have an opportunity to resist the pressures of big money and speak up for a thorough safety inspection of all systems, not just cursory glances at systems, and inspection of the paperwork provided by Entergy. Will they hear from 2 or 2000?

David Coen and John D. Burke
Vermont Public Service Board
112 State Street, Drawer 20
Montpelier, VT. 05620-2701
802 828-2358

Remembering Rosa Parks and all the Montgomery bus boycott supporters,
we echo the choices of those before us, who made a choice for justice.


3. It’s late breaking news, but with more time than we would get for a warning to evacuate — and a heck of a lot more fun! Sally Shaw recommends we support this initiative. … Call 2 friends in the morning, who will call 2 friends? Bring some tea?

Legal Demonstration, Dec. 17, 2005
1PM Saturday in Brattleboro, VT.

Take Exit 3, 3/4 turn around the rotary to Rt.5 North. Turn right on Old Ferry Road.

Paul Bousquet, local builder, invites your presence on the side of Old Ferry Road at 1pm. Whether or not Entergy Nuclear invites us to use their lawn and parking lot, the road is a public way.

All of New England is endangered by Entergy Nuclear’s 120% uprate proposal at the Vernon reactor. Senators and representatives in federal and state government, town officials, school board members, nurses, physicians, parents, students and teachers are speaking up to insist on a thorough and independent safety assessment before any increases in risks at the oldest operating reactor in New England. In 1773 New Englanders dumped tea. We reclaim our dollars and dump some of our nuclear energy today.

DIRECTIONS: Take US 91 to exit 3 in Brattleboro, north on Rt. 5 past Inns. Turn right onto Old Ferry Road. Pass UPS. Allard’s Lumber invites you to park in their OFFICE parking lot 1/2 block away. (Not the lumber yard. Paul says perhaps 75 cars would fit.)

Paul asks for a demonstration without arrests. If you like, bring a blankets and a thermos of tea. Say your 2 cents worth on the megaphone. Please tell Paul if this is your first demonstration. He invites your Reps and public officials, nurses and teachers, “All invited!” He says parking is available at Allard’s Lumber, by the office please (not the lumber yard.)